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    U2! I remember I did an impromptu unplugged act at this bar that was having some sort of contest. Me and this guy I barely knew (who was actually shit hot drummer I later learned) got up there, and our core piece was me doing a 2 chord U2 song while he, knowing the real song, riffed and made up jokey lyrics. I started off with just a single, repeating note, added another, then another, and kept going until we had full string chords. Other than that, I just played with intervals for effect. Then I wound it back down over time back to one note and we finished the song. It went over surprisingly well. Maybe the song was "Where the Streets Have No Name"? After that, we did unplugged Megadeth with some James Brown-like smooth funk and the drummer-now-singer started stripping.... the crowd really, really liked it... I have to be honest, I mean it was a great time and a good/interesting memory, but I recall being pretty uncomfortable onstage because the dude was getting pretty perverse, and then of course took his clothes off. Freakin' life is weird, man.
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    I do a little art on the side. Woodwork, painting, furniture and some photography.
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    It's a very nice tribute. By the time I got to the 2nd chorus I was in tears. Reminded me of one of our dogs and a cat that were both members of the family. Only line that didn't work for me was "let them gently close their eyes". Both experiences for me were brutally painful. Although it was quick for them, I often wonder what they were feeling. In the case of my dog, her eyes remained open even after and in the case of the cat even after she was euthanized her body was still having a reflex reaction that kept her mouth moving as if she were meowing. I had to ask my vet if she was still alive and suffering. She said no of course and that it was just some sort of nerve reaction that kept going, like an echo. I was that emotional that even my vet had an emotional reaction. I hope that doesn't bother anyone for me to say. You created something quite simple with this piece and were able to reach and move me with it. Thanks for sharing
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    Thanks for the thoughts so far. I've written it about music been a guiding light, it has an undestimated power to heal, hurt and cure. Its sort of an angel watching out for us, I'm sure a lot of you can relate to its power. It can do all these things without us been able to touch or see it. All we can do is hear and feel it. In the song I've tried to make it seem like a divine god or something. Yeah some references are Australia related, I wasn't sure how many people would get it, next time I'll get provide details. It is a rap song. And now that you mention spontaneous thoughts written down, that is kind of what happened. I wrote it over a few weeks, writing down lines that occurred to me as they came. I like the idea about making verse 2 more questioning as you mentioned, then building up more evidence until the character is certain. I think that's what you mean, if not if you get a chance can you clear up the confusion? Thanks for the detailed feedback. It was good to hear what you thought. 👍
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    What kind of man What kind of man primps in front of a mirror With ointments and hairgels for his pimples wrinkles and curls Ignoring the cries of his own little children His four year old son and his two little girls What kind of man? What kind of man? no kind of man at all What kind of man is so obsessed with status With In the country club and his brand new car What kind of man is impressed with his address Name dropping friends who are movie stars What kind of man? What kind of man? no kind of man at all What kind of man walks away from his family Abandons them all for a new piece of ass What kind of man lets his kids go hungry Impressing his friends with a big wad of cash What kind of man? what kind of man? no kind of man at all What kind of man lets his mother suffer What kind of man still acts like a boy His clothes cost more than the cost of her treatment Dying for nothing while he plays with his toys What kind of man? What kind of man? I tell you no kind of man at all
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    It was worth a shot musical quay 😁
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    My bad. I was trying to be clever and missed.
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    Hey JOe my set list is the same man. 3 to 4 chorders no changes required are prevalent throughout. The key to making it good and fun and interesting is layers and intensity. Here are some I can think of we do. Can't Always Get What You Want - Rolling Stones - 2 chords all song long... We play it in A. A D with a B when it is "time to try sometimes". We speed it up slow it down and take solos. Now my bass player doesn't want to kill me... as much. I used to beat on the Djembe to really shake it up. I think we cut out a verse for instrumental mayhem. No one cares. They just sing along with the chorus and enjoy the jam. I find it rather fun to play this way. Evil Ways - Santana - Same 2 chords all song. Gm C with a D when you "can't go ooon". Same song structure as the Stones above. It is a jam. I slip into walking on the sun by smash mouth for a second on this one for fun. It's really weird and I wasn't sure it would work. Bass player heard it and I tried it. I think it works out. People seem to like it. I might try to find something else though. Soloing over that one is fun. Major to minor works really well with the Latin feel. Can't you see - Marshall Tucker - 4 chorder - D C G D - Though I think we might have moved this key somewhere else. Not sure. Muscle memory now... I think we do it in A. With or Without you by U2 was another 4 chorder but I have to really focus on singing on that one so I certainly don't mind the 4 chords simplicity there. There is a general intensity focus on that one that increases as it goes. I like this one but have moved it off as it's vocal difficulty level is up there on a 3 - 4 hour night of singing. If I do it I hit it early in the night. For the record U2 stuff seems to be tuned a half step down on the recording. It's easier to pull off that way for sure. I think the coolest thing about these simpler songs musically is that they can give you room to focus on other things. Performance and vocalizing or guitaring you ass off over a simple progression can be a damn good time. Especially when they are giving me beer. Cheers!
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    Carl, l like where this has ended up. It has a distinct cadence and a metal (not rock) voice I haven't heard from you before. The tone is consistent and it reads like every word has been carefully vetted. Solid effort. I hear Five Finger Death Punch doing this quite well. Gary
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    Paul, What a DARK subject matter.!!!! This lyric STINKS!!!!! The entire concept of this lyric is a STEAMING HEAP. (I am sure there are more....but I cant think of them now). Funny and well written.....but I'm glad your name was next to it and not mine ………... Cheers, Joe
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    Manly Beach? I was confused for longer than I should have been. My mind is getting soggy. You've been quite prolific with your lyrics. Pretty good. Keep it up, quay?
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    Hi, Mick I like it in that it's kind of a postcard walk through Sydney, which I love as a city. Reminded me of my own very short experience while there back in February of 2004. Thank you for reminding me of that. I can easily visualize my experience, the beauty, nature, the people and the sites mentioned in your writing. I'm sure the rhyming (which isn't necessary unless you want it) could be tightened, but I like this as is. Only wish summer was in December where I live as it would be great to have a summer birthday. Thanks for sharing
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    That something you have is called potential. I definitely wouldn’t say you’re there yet. But I can hear and see it. Your voice has the perfect tone for this style of music. I’m assuming you’re somewhat of a beginner? I apologize if I’m wrong. But I believe the only thing you’re missing is experience. Sometimes riding the same three chords in a song can work. There are plenty of hit songs using only 3. However, using those same 3 chords without changing the way you play them can definitely make a song hard on the ears. Here are my thoughts on how you could improve this song and recording/video immediately. Even as a beginner. (I do a lot of live phone videos like this) During the verse sections you can palm mute your strings with your picking hand for a tighter, quieter sound. Still letting the softer vocals stand just above the guitar volume. Just slightly rest the palm of your picking hand on the strings as you play. When you hit the chorus section open up the chords almost as you played them here. Maybe even a bit more. If that makes sense. This should also be where you bring your singing up to match the more open guitar chords. Still keeping your voice just above the guitar volume. I’d play around with getting a better recording sound. Your current videos quality can easily be improved. Find a quiet spot. No AC or heaters running. That hiss noise in your current video was very unpleasant. Try eliminating that as best you can. I usually record videos when nobody else is home. Play clean and sing clearly. Aiming your voice and guitar directly towards the camera.
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    Hi P I smell concept album...well...that was a gross thought.🙄
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    As soon as I see the title I laugh 😂 Thanks Paul it's a great one in my mind lol!
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    David Allen Coe would love it
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    Speaking as a nurse who had to clean up a big one yesterday 👍🏽
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    Glad the turd was not left on the behind....makes all the difference here
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    Flushes well too. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T-3Iq3XQkAw
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    Works for me. I was smiling the whole time! 😀
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    Hello Wade Wulf. First off... I think you have a very pleasant sounding voice and I think that will add quite a bit to your songs. When you go to creating a more produced version of this... you'll probably want to cutout the string slide squeak a bit. Some is ok, but that was quite a lot. It is not for everyone... but I like to simply take songs where they obviously lead me in my head when adding more instruments or working on arrangement. I've tried forcing in other instruments that I don't hear first and it always sounds like just that... forced. To that point... here is what I heard when listening to this: - 1+1 for the first verse - bring in a mid string or synth on the first chorus (cello?) and something light / single note high end (piano?). The transition from the first verse to the chorus was a bit awkward... maybe some sort of transition or pre chorus there? It could also work as is with some more arrangement. - drop the strings, bring bass in on second verse... leave the piano with fuller chords. - You might try keeping the momentum up on the second chorus, ie... not dropping the tempo... bring back in the strings/synth... maybe start some percussion - Bring some more percussion in on the bridge (maybe start kick here?)... for some reason I'm feeling a lot of mid range percussion (something I'm not very good at) - Bring in a full sounding arrangement on "with you" and use that as repeating outro, more times than you have here. You can build on that and then end.... dropping the last chorus. If you do go back to the chorus again... maybe keep it full sounding and hit the vocal harder in closing. Anyway... those are my thoughts. They are probably "traditional". Good luck! Josh