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    Hi everyone. This is my first post here. Although this song is done, I would appreciate any feedback. I will keep feedback in mind in case it is applicable to my next song. I am handling the main vocals and all synths. There are also female backing vox. I hope you enjoy it. Soft Synths: Repro-5, Monark, M-Tron Pro, Icarus, BFD3 Falling The lights are dark And the streets are quiet I can't find A place called home Stuck in time I can't go back I think I've had A glimpse of heaven The earth is up The stars below I feel I could Fall forever Falling Falling Falling Slowly Falling Falling In Too Deep Drifting Drifting Drifting Sideways Drifting Drifting In My Sleep Ships in the harbor Waiting for the tide We set sail before The sunlight dies The crying wind Is warning us To getaway While we can Blown off course Lost at sea I feel I could Float forever Falling Falling Falling Slowly Falling Falling In Too Deep Drifting Drifting Drifting Sideways Drifting Drifting In My Sleep I said take it down To the solid ground I said take it down Take it down You got to get lost If you want to be found I said look around Look around Falling Falling Falling Slowly Falling Falling In Too Deep Drifting Drifting Drifting Sideways Drifting Drifting In My Sleep
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    My undestanding (taught in an art appreciation class) was that the rise of the photograph forced visual art to redefine itself. who wants spend many days making a picture of a person or bowl of fruit when a photograph will have the same effect? It prompted artists into a kind of soul-searching mode where they were challenged with conveying something that cannot be represented in a mere photo. A lot of them went for non-photographic representations of things (like the impressionists), pictures of things which tried to convey more than the simple image itself (cubism for example) and things which simply make you think, or inovke some kind of emotion (mona lisa with a moustache, a work of the dada movement) As photographs have got more and more artistic, this search has gone deeper, straying further from a bowl of fruit, and now a rotten shark or toilet is considered art I saw a fantastic presentation recently showing how ordinary photos can be put through an "artist" filter and can be redrawn like Van Gough or Monet. I think this will only result in *more* bizarre art as artists are forced to find new unexplored territory. I cant blame them for what they are doing; I am glad they are searching - but some modern art is merely a stepping stone to somewhere more beautiful (or a dead end). The further back you look in art, the more the "duds" are forgotten and the nicer art remains, treasured and standing the test of time
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    Hi everyone. This is our alternative version of Foxy Lady (Jimi Hendrix).
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    I'm certain of ONLY ONE THING. If or when EVERYTHING blows up in his face, he will not accept any of the blame...absolutely none of it! 100% of the fault will be attributed to... other countries who had it in for him from the start, Democratic obstructionists, unsupportive members of the his own party, incompetent support staff, cabinet members who betrayed his trust, "Obama", Obama's people, the corrupt Washington political machine, the never-ending distractions thrust upon him by the witch-hunt Russian investigation, the will of God, the ghost of Obama...and so on. And because you cannot learn-from mistakes you refuse to acknowledge, nothing of value will come from the experience. CYA at its' finest! Ain't politics grand? 😨
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    News to me. I used to be in the courts ALL the time for a previous job, for long stretches of time, and cannot think of a time that anyone ever interrupted the proceedings. And, if such a disruption were to occur, I'm sure the law would come down on the perpetrators hard. If you have strong evidence, Bob, of our courts being disrupted all the time, I'd sure like you to provide it. Haven't read anything about this guy that Tom brought up (though I can guess what he's up to) but I have a hard time believing the responses here would be exactly the same if Black Lives Matter, say, or Colin Kaepernick or Occupy Wall Street, or, say, Muslim activists, were the ones doing the disrupting in court.
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    Hi C&B I think it's fairly solid I can't do a proper critique because it looks like it doesn't comply with the two critique rule. Cheers Gary
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    From an art perspective Jackson Pollock painted Convergence in the 1950's. Seems like those paint splatters are from the bad old days technically. I can't complain about the modern art movement like it is some new fang dangled art form when it has been around longer than I have. Modern doesn't indicate a time frame but a movement or style and I don't even know if that is relevant for artists today, nor do I know what the art community is currently up to. What are they calling the current movement? What I do know is that my daughter takes art classes and is quite good. I like the things the teacher has her work on and the projects she brings home. She is at the age where the art she makes is pretty serious and accomplished. She specialized in pointillism which was an impressionist technique. She does some cool and interesting things with it. I suppose you could say she "modernizes" it but I prefer to think that she does her own thing with it. If that is any indication well, art is fine. Being taught well and encouraging creativity. Music? Music is a different animal and has more commercial appeal. With profits on music harder to come by I think the variety of music available is much more narrow. There is still variety and outliers but I don't think there is as much of it. Hard to prove that. Only thing I can point to is a band interview with Rush from the 70's where they had a string of mediocre albums (commercial standards) and as they were getting more experimental they made Hemisphere's (I think). It was considered a flop by the record company and they acknowledge that in today's music biz they wouldn't of even been allowed to make that album let alone the next one. In today's day and age you are not allowed to fail if you are backed by corporate money. You get results or you don't. One try. So all the experimentation happens in the weeds where we all live. Luckily music is accessible to us and we can do whatever we want...
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    Prager U isn't a University. It's far from accredited and people rarely do research after watching it to see if the content holds any value. I've seen quite a few videos from them which play fast and loose with the truth. This isn't to say other alleged news/documentary shows haven't done the same. It becomes all to easy to accept on blind faith when the presentation appears in a convincing setting. I knew an island girl many years back. Born and raised on Pine Island with no formal art education. She dropped out of high school at 15. Everything she did was "from the eye" Her work reminded me of Gauguin. She had no idea whom I was speaking of when I told her this. She'd never been to a museum or even checked out an art book from a library. I had a large collection of books about art work that I'd show her... She wouldn't even look at them. She did freelance commercial work for advertisers and illustrations for cookbooks. And now owns a gallery of her own where she sells her works and those of other islanders. I remember the years of me trying to get her in a dress and shopping around various places on the mainland as well as pitching it to local newspaper writers. While it did give her wider acclaim she really didn't like leaving the island to market herself. I'm all for education in the arts but I didn't start out that way. I learned how to tune a guitar, got a book on basic chords and then one on scales. After learning about four Beatles songs I just started putting chords together and started writing songs. It was only after awhile that I wanted more from my music that I pursued a musical education. I've known more than a few guitarists who are much more talented than I who never needed anything more than what I started with. I try to listen to popular music today. The top of the top is greatly controlled by what the record companies want listeners to hear because they think it will sell. This is nothing new. Record companies think young people who buy music or pay for streams are stupid. So they want the artists to dummy down the tracks and lyrics. Again nothing new. Record labels want songs with a I-VI-V-vii progression. Don't believe me? Check out Gold Record producer Rick Beato's video
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    Just so I understand Barney, you believe that this one man (who's himself has experienced 6 different bankruptcies) knows more that every single business & Trade group in the country? More than every other experienced politician in Washington? More than all of his presidential predecessors? And more than his own advisory staff? In other words, Donald Trump knows more about decisions like this than anyone else in the world. Let me ask 1 more question here...just for grins? Why are you so certain this is even about trade? Trump is all about gaining leverage to get what he wants. Are you certain that what he want has anything to do with trade? If this move is 1/2 as bone headed as everyone seems to think it is, then it makes perfect leverage. "Give me what I want, or else!" "Cave to my demands, or I'll go ahead with this!" Ask yourself what he wants, above all else...what has he wanted since day-1? From where I sit, there are 3 possibilities... 1) He's every bit as brilliant as you claim 2) He's an incompetent, dangerous fool 3) This has absolutely nothing to do with trade & he's using it behind the scenes as leverage Guess we'll have to wait & see. BTW I'm all done in this thread...later everyone.
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    Some of you have already heard this song in some version or another. Every few weeks I will be pre-releasing a song from my next album via youtube.
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    "Trump’s Trade Policies Threaten Millions of Jobs, U.S. Chamber of Commerce Says" Article link - https://www.wsj.com/articles/trumps-trade-policies-threaten-millions-of-jobs-u-s-chamber-of-commerce-says-1527792627 It's worth mentioning that the Chamber of Commerce lobbies entirely for the best interests of big business & traditionally leans Republican.
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    Hi AMK, As a list song this would work really well I think. Yes, agree with the too many "Banjo" line comments but dead easy to fix with no real change to your lyric intent.... Maybe keep the listener 'off balance' waiting for the "banjo" hook line - for instance in the verse maybe something like: V1 At any backyard party At any outdoor jamboree At any fancy jubilee Banjos are welcome Where there's you and me In the chorus with a few minor tweaks suggestions…. C For those feeling low Gonna get you tapin' your feet Common now it's bluegrass Banjos can play most anything If you just have the strings... You have the potential for a really effective toe tapper here - just needs a few "Banjo" line deletes and some minor tweaks imho Good luck with it Andy
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    This is cool!! Love the visual for it, too. Very Bowie. Great production and you do not sound like a dying cow LOL
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    I guess the question you have to ask yourself is whether wandering into a court, trying to get the faces of the accused on camera (your phone) and calling them paedophiles while the court is still in session to determine their guilt is free speech (or interfering with the administration of justice - for self-publicity). And then ask whether, having received a suspended sentence for doing just that, and then doing it again, it should cause any surprise when the suspended sentence (plus additional time for the second offence) is carried out. I'm not surprised. It's amazing how fast the demonstrators arrived and the various websites leaped into action - it's almost as if they were expecting it ...
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    Circa 2011-2012...socioeconomic musical commentary set to video. Inspired by the exponential growth of a more-than-questionable segment of our financial services industry...post 2008 Although the lyric addresses various types of bottom feeders, payday-loan & predatory purchasers of underwater properties were the primary catalysts. *Average Payday Loan Rate 2017 - 462.87% (state of MO.) - https://finance.mo.gov/reports/documents/SurveyReport2017_001.pdf Tom I'll include a supplemental video, for anyone interested. It's a 1 min. 17 second demonstration of the primary guitar progression. Please forgive the quality ...it predates the purchase of my hi-def video camera (mid-2012). On the plus side, I did wear my best duds LOL
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    Love Little Feat. Was just trying to remember how to play Old Folks Boogie about an hour ago... I've been having fun browsing bandcamp. There's some hidden treasures there. The two albums I'm sharing are several years old, but "new" to me: This is not a new sound by any stretch, but it's really good in my opinion: https://cwstoneking.bandcamp.com/album/jungle-blues And here is an artist with more of a contemporary sound that I've been enjoying, especially the first several songs: https://joshgarrels.bandcamp.com/album/love-war-the-sea-in-between
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    Hello Aki, And welcome. 9thStLine and SpanishBuddha have already pointed out some excellent suggestions to improve this potential lyric. Your answer to 9thStLine was interesting. You'll use his advice on the next one? Why not this one? I hope you realize that writing anything good, whether it's a lyric or poetry or even a novel is all about editing. It's 90% editing. Some of the best writers here never seem to stop editing a lyric, tweaking each line or phrase or word choice in an effort to make it as good as they can. It usually works. Editing has been compared to murdering babies. It's that painful sometimes. To me it's more like life-saving surgery to correct birth defects. I think the most obvious place to start editing here is the POV. Google 'POV story' and really study the idea thoroughly. Then decide whose story you are telling here. Whose dream.
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    Hi Aki, Good on you for sharing this first effort. I would advise you study a few things. First, song structure. Learn about and identify your sections, verse, chorus, etc. 2nd, is focus. What emotions, what situation, what conflict are you trying to convey with this lyric? Feeling unincluded? Family unity? Dashed hopes? 3rd is viewpoint. Did "I" have the dream, or "you." Although this doesn't have to be consistent throughout the song, it usually makes for a clearer lyric if it is. Generally lines in the affirmative are stronger than lines in the negative. I dreamed I was reborn I dreamed of a passing storm Or, In a dream you cried In a dream I ran to you And last, remember most great lyrics aren"t written, but are rewritten. Even by writers that have been doing it for years! So don't be afraid to rework your lyrics. Welcome and happy creative endeavors. Ed
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    Ok... I re-recorded the 3rd verse and 2nd chorus... taking it down a notch. Am I getting closer?
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    Hi M I guess what throws folks off here malcom is that you tagged this "country/folk/ soul". All genre's accept for soul are inclined to tell a straight forward story or at least some tangibles to attach yourself to. I didnt find this as interesting as your high way song. I guess you have to ask yourself if you could actually see someone singing this in public and making it relatable. I don't quite see that connection. Again, another person who writes in those genre's specifically would be able to give you a better answer on that account. Heh heh heh..The Arlo Guthrie version of "City of New Orleans" is the classic version I heard on the radio growing up. I guess it's a matter of taste as far as comparing songs on this site compared to a true classic. But for me, I would check out some of Scenesfrompalacio's songs. They are pretty catchy and I would actually prefer them over Arlo being that folk in general isnt really my thing. just my two cents worth R-N-R Jim
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    Hi malcom OK, since you mentioned "City of New Orleans", let's compare your opening lines to it: You : I took a train (she took a train) Steve: Riding on the City of New Orleans Do you notice the difference? Yours reads like a news report. Steve's puts us in a magical place that has its own history and backstory - not just "a train" You: because I cannot stand a plane Steve: Illinois Central, monday morning rail. Yours tells us superfluous information just to get a rhyme, Steve's tells us when and where and sets up the story perfectly. Sorry, but you are telling a story too - it's just not a very interesting one compared to Steve's IMHO Paul
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    Valid viewpoints from all. Perhaps much of so-called modern art is a bit like the wonderful music/songs we sometimes hear on indie sites and forums like Muse. And when I see some of the gorgeous art (images of paintings, craftwork, sculptures, etc.) that people post to places like Pinterest, Instagram, and so on, it blows me away. Likewise with photography forums (and magazines like National Geographic), where the art of stunning photography has been raised to a whole new level, including in the genres that have evolved by way of the digital era. (Many films could be included here as well.) People still create glorious, innovative, and imaginative art that adheres to the Greek notion of beauty - symmetry, proportion, and harmony - but the audience seems to have changed. I did get a kick out of the professor asking his students to analyse what they thought was part of a Jackson Pollack painting, but was in fact a close-up of his own paint-spattered apron. 😀 One painter who still takes my breath away was William Turner (1775-1851). His seascapes are - to me - heartbreakingly lovely. How he captured the light was amazing. And some Pinterest works. https://nl.pinterest.com/kelleewynnestudios/art-subject-modern-landscape/?lp=true
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    This is why some lyrics get 4s AND 1.5s. We all have different taste. I love a lot of the art from the last 120 years or so. Unlike kuya, I don’t believe all the good art stopped with the Impressionists. All the art reproduced below is used for educational purposes only. Van Gogh Cezanne Gauguin Georges Braque (invented Cubism with Picasso) Kandinsky And even some much more modern art: David Hockney Gerhard Richter My guess is that every one of these painters could have done or could do a perfect Rembrandt-like painting if they chose to. But they wanted to do their own thing. Personally, I'm glad. Cheers, Doug
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    Side-chain compression is unlike typical compression in that there is no make up gain. Instead, it lowers the volume of one track based on the signal from another track. A common use of side-chaining is with kick drums and bass. They both play in the same frequency range so sometimes the bass can drown the kick. There are way to address this with EQ, but another approach is to have the bass have a quick reduction in volume whenever there's a kick. If you listen to the bass track by itself, it sounds a little funny, but in the mix it sounds perfectly fine. Better than fine, even, since the kick drum's hits become clearer and more distinct. Another common usage is in EDM. You know those hypnotic, rhythmic swells and reductions in the volume to the synth? That's side-chaining. You start with a loud track and have a signal that gives it patterned changes in gain. The biggest distinction between this technique and the bass/kick one above is that you generally have the bass volume jump back immediately after a kick, whereas the stings/synth stuff is often sculpted such that the compression is released over a longer period and volume climbs gradually. (Edit: the volume reduction is generally greater in the latter as well.) Hope this helps. EDIT: One other thing, you don't need to find a side-chain. All compressors can be turned into a side-chain by clicking a button on the VST. I'm not familiar with GB, so I can't tell you what it is, but I suspect Youtube has plenty examples of it.