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    Of course he doesn't live under these conditions. Neither do I, because Paul and I are both Canadians where we have (drum roll please) gun control!
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    Here's the story I took the timeline from. The site is DNAinfo, a digital news service not associated with either wing of the bird. Founded by the guy who founded TDAmeritrade. I don't use political advocacy sites to quote facts, especially when I'm talking to someone on the other side of the fence: too much energy wasted on defending the source. You might call it a left-wing site anyway, because it contains data someone to the left of yourself used in a post. But I notice you're not disputing the dates or the events I quoted. You were trying to make a connection between strict gun control and worsening gun violence. I'm trying to show that since even before Rahm Emmanuel took office in 2011, gun control in Chicago has gotten looser and looser, at the same time as gun violence in Chicago has gotten worse and worse. Not that I'd claim a causal connection or anything. As long as national gun control remains lax, with loopholes, black market trade, background check failures and low, low bars to firearms access, there's not much any US city can do to keep firearms out.
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    Based on an essay from an older sister of a gangbanger about why her and some girlfriends visit the cemetery every day. She was very matter of fact about it. She didn't want them to be forgotten. Simple As That My brother was 16 When he was shot dead He was shot by someone Who only liked red My brother got killed He only liked blue Its as simple as that Its sad but its true This cemetery Has many young boys And I visit them all Cuz that's my choice Flowers on the graves of the boys who liked blue Flowers for the boys who liked red too You are not forgotten. That's my promise to you. Flowers for my brother. That's all i can do. Most days i bring flowers Sometimes i bring more Some days just candles From the dollar store I always remember These forgotten boys Always bring something I even bring toys Flowers on the graves of the boys who liked blue Flowers for the boys who liked red too You are not forgotten. That's My promise to you Flowers for my brother. That's all i can do. Some Call me traitor But thats not true I dont care about colors, and I dont want to The gravestones are grey. Not red or blue It's as simple as that and it's sad but it's true.
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    It may have become obvious since I took over but, just in case it isn't, I thought I'd let you know that I have changed the guidelines to remove some parts that I felt censored us unnecessarily.. As you are likely aware, the site no longer replaces "bad words" - and hasn't done for a while. It never made much sense to me, was easy to circumvent and, sometimes, that word is EXACTLY the right word, so why not use it? I have also removed the old guideline about being "tasteful" (which was a euphemism for avoiding harder-edged stuff, I guess). I only ask that, if you want to post something that you think is "adult advisory" (another euphemism), you label it somehow (either in the title or in a tag). That way, if people are offended by such material, they can avoid it. Of course, with freedom comes responsibility, but I'm sure we are all aware that edgier material may attract edgier critiques - it's all feedback. The golden rule is that personal attacks (on artists OR on people offering feedback) is NOT OK, and never will be.
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    Copyright © 2017 Tennyson Road Music I bought a place in a little town in Alabam And I tried my very darnest to fit in Their ways seemed pretty strange to a Canuck (But we're pretty weird ourselves, so I can't talk) Met a waitress in the bar who they called Mabel She came over, set a bottle on my table But when I asked her for a glass to hold my beer She said "We frown on that sort of thing 'round here" We frown on that sort of thing 'round here Better ditch your fancy ways and switch your gears You city slickers think you're debonair But we frown on that sort of thing 'round here I asked around and soon I had a job And I made a few suggestions to my boss He said "Son, those sound like really good ideas!" "But we frown on that sort of thing 'round here" We frown on that sort of thing 'round here Better ditch your fancy ways and switch your gears We'll never change - we've been like this for years And we frown on that sort of thing 'round here My, how time flies by Soon their funny ways were mine I left behind my city days So don't be surprised when you hear me say Hey! We frown on that sort of thing 'round here Better ditch your fancy ways and switch her down a couple of gears We'll never change - we've been like this for years, and years And we frown on that sort of thing This town don't need no city bling! We frown on that sort of thing 'round here!
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    Get some hot beats in there and you will have written your first Hip Hop song!
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    Boxtape - The Greatest Appreciate any feedback around the vibe, arrangement, etc. Thank you! I have just spied the rules and will be critiquing some others right now. -Kieren, Boxtape LyricsI'm sorry if this is dull Me fangirling in a song But I feel it's worth voicing These films that are helping me to succeed Specifically Creed His character was the greatest My choice is unorthodox I feel your laughter at me His character is made up Once I wanted to be a boxer Now it's vox oh I want to be the greatest Normally I'm not one for violence But he was the grandmaster Of his craft a disaster in the end His influence endures Conjuring thoughts Can I even be the greatest The day I met Apollo that girl Turned up again A swirling mess That found it hard to swallow and speak Complete geek It probably wasn't the greatest Day of my life But it set a reminder To find inspiration In what you can Don't apologise For what you love Just love Just love Just love
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    Aww cone on, Joan. Absolutely ANYone can use facts to rebut an argument.
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    Barney, your information is way out of date. The Chicago police say they would love to go back to the pre-2010 days when buying and carrying a gun were a lot harder than they are these days. I found this time line which might put it in perspective: • June 2010: Chicago's ban on handguns was ended by the Supreme Court in the McDonald v. Chicago case • December 2012: Illinois' concealed carry ban — the last of its kind in the United States — ended in a court decision, though the state still restricts where people can carry concealed guns • July 2013: The Firearm Concealed Carry Act went into effect, providing regulations for concealed carry • September 2013: Chicago ends its gun registry • January 2014: A judge rejected Chicago's ban on gun shops
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    I just read a post on the Song forum, asking how to find collaborators. I've been a member of this site for over 5 years and have found some...but more importantly, I've made some good friends. I have seen so many drive-by's just looking for pats on the back...and when they are not forthcoming, they disappear. I have gotten countless help from nice people who's ideas I've often incorporated in either my song, or the production of it. Today I posted a song that 3 members helped me with, both in production and performance BEFORE I even posted it. I think that to acquire a friend, you must at first be one. I would suggest that if you find someone here, who's music or performance you really like..reach out to them...if they also happen to appreciate your music, you might find a partner. I get no greater thrill than hearing someone other than me, sing my songs. I have also sung or produced songs for other members...it's fun and rewarding. People who only write words will have a harder time finding someone to put music to their lyrics...because most song writers write their own words...and most lyric writers don't get involved with the song forum...but I still think it's possible for people to get together. The music business is at best, very cruel...but here we can have some fun, and make some friends....and to me. that's what this site is all about. Oh yeah, hats off to Alistair for keeping this place going, and the other Mods too.
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    The songwriting and crafting is great, so I have no comments on that! I do have a few comments on the delivery and lyrics. First off, the vocals are a bit pitchy in some cases (like the background aaah-part at 1:47), so I'd work on tightening them up. The lyrics are good, though a few lines stuck out to me: They still see me as a ten years old boy. <- Skip the S on years in this line, and it's counter-part at the end of the song Was taken by the time that went by. <- Lyrically you have 2 by close to each other, which feels a little lazy. Also, this line is much shorter than the melodic equivalents in other verses, which is why you stay on the first by for 3 notes. Now, staying on a word like that is not a problem in its self, but I do find it works wonders when you make sure the word you're leaning on has an emotional impact or is relevant to the lyrical content. What I mean is, by is not an important word. Taken is an important word, as that signifies something and it is an important part of the lyric. So if you're going to lean on a word in this stanza (as opposed to adding more syllables to match the others), then I would stay on taken instead. I hope that helps!
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    Influenced by Edgar Guest's (Tomorrow) Comments/suggs welcome Tomorrow Man Copyright © 2017 Tennyson Road Music There's always time to run amok Never time to clean it up Streams are cesspools, trees are stumps EPA ! Donald Trump ! Liquid waste, toxic fumes Floating 'round our living rooms But if ever things get out of hand Remember there's "Tomorrow Man"! Tomorrow Man He'll understand Tomorrow Man He'll make a plan Why deal with what Today demands? Just leave it for tomorrow, man! Borrow money, grab some cash Tomorrow Man will pay it back! Pile your garbage ten feet high Tomorrow Man will make it right! To hell with peace, let's start a war Tomorrow Man will get it sorted And when this planet goes to trash We all know who'll save its ass: Tomorrow Man He'll understand Tomorrow Man He'll have a plan Why deal with what Today demands? No, leave it for tomorrow, man! {br} Tomorrow Man is waiting 'round the bend He'll solve all of our problems, he's our friend They say he lives primarily to help the cause Next door to the Tooth Fairy and good ol' Santa Claus! So we'll never have to fuss! Because... Tomorrow Man He'll understand Tomorrow Man He'll make a plan So leave that mess, don't soil your hands It's a perfect task for tomorrow, man!
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    Tbh with something as vague as "spring break/vacation" it will still be more of the same. People will fall in love, get their heart broke, go off to war and wish they were there, be flat out depressed, grow old and remember the good times, get away to rekindle an old flame, have a terrorist attack that shakes the world. Honestly, you could take just about any lyric and tweak it to match the theme. I'm not sayin don't use spring break/vacation, I'll just make the suggestion to make it more specific to actually be a challenge. Like spring break on a planet other than earth, each participant gets to pick a planet of their choice, after all I've always wanted to know what spring was like on Jupiter and Mars. Vacation on the space station (even gives you a rhyme lol) Doesn't have to be in space, but somewhere, or doing something you normally wouldn't do. Something fun for the participants and possibly the non participants as well (might get more people to score, but doubtful) What might also be a cool Idea is make the future challenges more progressive. Like the first challenge be a Theme like suggested 2. add a rhyme scheme for verses 3. add a structure (vcvcbc etc) along with #1&2 4. restrict the number of lines in the chorus (like a 4 line chorus) The list could go on forever. The Idea would be have 5-6 challenges, that get progressively more challenging, and at the end tally all the scores and crown the challenge king/queen. Those who saw it through to the end would probably see a tremendous amount of growth in their writing. Just some thoughts Peace
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    I liked it overall, but agree that the oversaturation/distortion did not help. Listen to some well-recorded orchestra music and notice how you can hear all the instruments clearly, it isn't just a background wall of sound.
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    Suggestion: 1. post a j-pop video 2. write a lyric matching the melody and mood of the music/video Sure to be a f-ton of inspiration there as some of the videos can be rather bizarre. Peace
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    I am not sure if you are being sarcastic (in which case I agree with you) - Most of us have been trying beatlesish things for a while... how about a lyric inspired by Hamilton? Choose a historical moment and write a song about it? how about a lyric written as a James bond theme tune? How about a lyric written to be the anthem for a superbowl halftime show? Or, for beatles fans, how about taking a beatles song title of their choice and writing about the opposite - for example "All you need is love" could become a lyric "I need anything except love"
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    The newer version is much improved. Are you still taking suggestions/comments? Speak Up - Stand Up and Shout - Title is still a cheap rip off of Chaz's title yet I realize no law has been broken. How about just..... "Speak Out" ------- Speak out!, speak out! , speak out! Vs. I march for society, I want to take a stand You sit and call me loser, because you just can't understand - Still not fond of the first half of this line. I haven't heard of anybody being called a loser because of their vote. I walk for equality, protest against the man That you call President, I wouldn't even shake his hand Ch. Speak up stand up and shout Speak out!!, speak out!!, speak out!! This is America in case you had your doubts Speak up stand up and shout Speak out!!, speak out!!, speak out!! This is America what it's all about This is what America is all about Vs. I march for you and me, I fight to protect our land - How does the point of view fight to protect the land? Was he in the military? You think you've won the battle, you picked a dangerous man I walk for democracy, protest for who I am He's not my President, I don't expect you to understand Ch. Speak up stand up and shout Speak out!!, speak out!!, speak out!! This is America in case you had your doubts Speak up stand up and shout Speak out!!, speak out!!, speak out!! This is America what it's all about - This is what America is all about Br. I won't shut up, I won't sit down You can call me a loser, I won't stop until he's gone - The loser reference really weakens the argument. You keep drawing attention to it. Ch. Speak up stand up and shout Speak out!!, speak out!!, speak out!! This is America in case you had your doubts Speak up stand up and shout Speak out!!, speak out!!, speak out!! This is America what it's all about - This is what America is all about (x2) This video is better. You look more arty and grass roots in this one than before, and not as angry. Color coordination from the shirt you wear to the intimate lighting as well as paintings hanging on wall help too. Keep working at it.
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    V1 Have I seen your face For the last time? Or felt your embrace For the last time? Everyone we know Sends their regards In their well wishes And their birthday cards V2 I sit and hold your hand But you're not there. Will I ever understand Why you're not there? Everyone we know Sends all their love In their hopeful prayers To their god above --This line is OK but seems 1) a little bit hackneyed and 2) a little bit of a forced rhyme. ------------------------------------------------ I dared to cross out a few words because the rhythm might be better without them and the meaning seemed about the same. Of course the melody may dictate otherwise. To me, this is about someone who may or may not survive and who also is now no longer the same person--becoming demented, as with a stroke. Doesn't matter if its a child (least likely), a lover, a spouse, a parent, a friend. Someone moving out of reach. So the word embrace seems fine. Of course you can embrace a child. In regard to the face, I think that the listener will interpret this as meaning that they could die. But what you're saying is that the person you know, as reflected in their face, might, though still alive, not be 'there' anymore. That idea, indeed, might go past the listener, but maybe no harm.
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    Thank you and i agree with you and i actually written a full a piece on why it ended i just thought it was too much to add but yeah would make sense and i was thinking of making that part you described into a bridge. I will make those corrections i didnt notice. Thank you and no i wont ignore your advise otherwise i wont learn hehe
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    Stop me before I kill listen again! Love it!
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    I really like the harmonies in this song. Really nice vocals as well. The violin sounds used were really cool as well; the low string sounds were super realistic. It was an interesting and novel song structure, but the song still kept me engaged as a listener. One nit I would have is the phrase "ten years old boy,". I think it would have sounded more natural as "ten year old boy." Beautiful song though
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    I think it sounds good! To me, it's begging for a vocal on top (not sure if it's meant as a beat or as a standalone song). Also, I would add a second or so of silence to your bounces/mixdowns/whateveryourDAWcallsit to avoid the click that happens when you start the song (doesn't happen always but I always advocate putting some silence before and after a track, just in case). I hope that helps! Cheers!
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    Oddly, I hear early tears for fears in here, there is no way I could ever explain that...I just do. This has great potential but is a bit new broadway as it stands. It could easily be part of stage production to be sure, great effort.
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    It’s strikingly apparent that you have your own approach and style to lyric writing. Your lyrics tend to address significant issues of existence and the act of deciphering the madness and challenge of either fitting in to the mundane or staking out one’s own chosen path. Much of the language you use is not one that I would normally associate with lyric writing. Many of your lines and word choices don’t seem to easily lend themselves to “sing-ability.” You seem to dwell in both a philosophical and existential landscape, tackling big issues by presenting proclamations that strive to be weighty and important. I wonder, however, if perhaps you try too hard to stay within the parameters you have established for yourself rather than allowing your lyrics to “breathe” and provide anchors and entrances for your readers (and presumably listeners) to enter them. I think if you need to preface your lyrics with the promise of deciphering their meaning you are doing yourself a disservice, unless the end goal is to present inscrutable puzzles for those of us who read them. For me, that gets old quickly and in all honesty it makes me feel somewhat manipulated and used. So, having said that, one of the big disconnects I have with this lyric is that in the verses you are talking about yourself, yet in the chorus I have no idea who you are speaking to or why they would take your advice. I don’t read anything in the verses that present the information contained in them as particularly sage advice to be followed. Instead, the verses read to me as a mix of confusing generalities self-consciously presented as brilliant insights. I’m curious, who would your audience be for these lyrics and what is your primary goal as a songwriter?
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    Hi DVC, it helps if you label the parts of your song (i.e. 'verse, chorus, etc). It's still not clear how the angel 'fell'. Most people think of 'Hades' as the place - Hell - rather than the devil.
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    Also enjoyed the piano! The lyrics are nice. Great work!
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    Great work on the instrumental portion of the song, i really enjoyed how you incorporated piano to the guitar melodies. There is a nice flow to your song. Great lyrics, i can tell you are telling a story On the vocal portion you sing flat and come across monotone and lifeless. Add some variation in your vocal rang and your voice will be even stronger. your voice is not the problem per say , you have a calming voice, but without vocal range you lose what nice about your voice, it just sounds dead. The intro to your song sounds like and outro more than intro. Maybe think about only playing the instrumental guitar rift in the beginning and starting in with your first verse from around 13 second. Your song reminds me of how johnny cash sings "Hurt" in that you sound like your both singing and telling a story a to a friend. Notice how cash varies his tone and rang when singing the different lyrics. It adds feeling and life to each works. Example: On the first verse notice how he sings the lyric "today"------- on the "To" part of the word he uses a low tone. on the "day" he end the note one a high one. This makes the word sound like a question and adds rang, mystery and feeling behind his words (is it today?). In fact a lot of the statements that cash sings in this song end on high notes, which makes all the statements sound like questions. Its almost as if the man if is questioning himself as he sings the story to his audience. The times that cash ends on a low not are statements that sound like he has accepted the statements as reality, as appose to questioning it. If you write out your lyrics i can give you and example on how adding rang to your voice could make your vocals better. All the best and great work, keep it up i (hope i did not come across to harsh, i have found i only get better when people give me honest critiques)
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    Mr. Bus I would suggest concentrating the lyric's focus to the point of view of the singer, in the first person. Verse 2 goes off onto a girl the point of view heard about. Point of view says the eyes of others never liked, understood or cared for him. Then make this more sentimental. Talk about the emotional pain or strain point of view glosses over but says in a roundabout way. Last verse I achieve my dreams With the eyes of others - With the help of others Title is interesting but doesn't immediately hit me the way I think you intended it. "Like Me" might work well by itself because in the end isn't that what the point of view wants? To be loved, to be liked, to have support. Just some thoughts.
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    Nice story, I think some words ('the', etc) could be trimmed when it comes time to put this to music. In the chorus, your title/hook is buried in line 3 (not a good place for a hook); you use the forever/better rhyme in choruses 1 & 2, but not in 3; consider how to change the choruses so they are all more similar (and hence more memorable).
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    I really like this one, discatticus. Nice, bittersweet feel to it. Do you write music also and will we be able to hear this soon?
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    Listening to the new mix..... much better. MUCH better. I wonder if the solo viola(?) might be a bit too loud... or perhaps a tad too up front in the mix, though it may just be my ignorance of classical production. Otherwise you really took this one home. Nice job.
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    You're asking the wrong question. While increased volume is a natural byproduct of higher velocities, they are more about authenticity than how it sits in the mix. For instance, if you want some high tinkly piano notes, you could write the midi file with high velocity and then turn the track down to be quieter.... but it will still be off putting because it sounds like it is being played by a jackhammer. My rule of thumb is to favor the lowest velocity that retains the feel I'm going for.... and use plenty of variance, of course. I suspect you already know, but it is critical in any midi file to vary your velocity usage. No human being plays each note the same way. There can be patterns, like every third note is hit harder than the rest, but even within the pattern it shouldn't be that it is the exact same three velocities over and over again. To finally answer your question, both volume and velocity can be the problem if something sounds too overbearing. The more mixes you put together, the easier it is to decide which is the problem.
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    Im new as well, just made my account last night. I make rap but on a different level... I add truth and story to it, I add realism from my life itself. Check out my stuff, I have a rap called "Nevermind That" As a lyricist could give tips or whatever else you need, I just started making music this year and its all new XD Maybe we can give each other feedback. Thanks fam!
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    There's still time to vote. This one is running very very close so far. Only one point separates the entire field, so head on over and cast your votes
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    I also like the title idea and or taking a hook and developing a lyric around this.
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    Thoughts... excellent as always . Regarding love, this seems to be about 1) it's absence, or 2) it's evasiveness, i. e., the slipperiness of the search for it, or 3) men. Seems like there would be a more usable hook somewhere in there. ------ You were looking for one night And then you’d be gone -- And to then be gone? -------- But every night’s the same A sloppy kiss an awkward (reluctant? ) hug. --------- I was seeking a soulmate to share the load. You we're looking for one for the road
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    Hey Emily...Emily! I read through it a few times and you can find my initial thoughts below. @Barneyboy Clicquot or Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin is a champagne house, so I'd guess Emily is bascially saying "in between the Champagne".
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    Might be a consistency problem but if you left off or changed line 2 in the ch the next v would work. You can bring that decision line back in the 2nd ch or as a fade.
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    Outstanding! You always convey darker emotions with such passion and clarity. I feel every word. Two minor nits: In a more middling piece, I would be fine with this line, but your writing is so strong that its banality stands out all the more. You say "love" so often, that I wonder if you could get away with dropping it from this section. Maybe something like: It's overrated ...litigated ...subjugated and %*&@ing MEDICATED! KOS.
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    Don't trim anything! This is brilliant! It's the best new song I have heard in a long time. Great lyrics, great vocal melody and performance, really good guitar sound and performance. I'm not sure what else to say. BRAVO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JOe
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    Pretty funny. Had an idea for a bridge - Sooner or later all things must pass (So) don't let the door hit you in the ass
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    Powerful pop anthem with some nice vocals. You have a lot going for you in this tune but it's the vocals that really shine. The instrumentals are good but everything is mixed so upfront and in-your-face that it clutters the mix at times. The EQ is a bit uncomfortable and could use some tweaking. Between the "cone of sound" style of mixing and the EQ bite this song is a bit fatiguing on the ears. My advice would be to leave some headroom in the mix, and consider playing around with the patchs used for the main synth chords. The vocals are so "present" and contributing to the harmonic progression that you don't need this super thick synth patch just nailing the chords and sitting there. It is competing with the vocals and pushing too much energy in those critical mids. It is also eating into your headroom in such a way as to weaken the punch of your percussion elements. I would change the playstyle to something a bit more transitory and/or change the patch to something that sits in its own space in the mix and doesn't compete with the vocals. Overall, cool song with pretty good production that would really shine with some moderate mix/EQ tweaks. Peace, TC
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    ooh la la! Definition: An exclamation of surprise, sometimes with very strong sexual connotations.
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    Hi Ron, I didn't really hear a song either, but that doesnt mean it's not hidden in there somewhere. So many of the lines seemed too long, and are possibly run-on sentences. You have a lot of great rhymes but they suffer from the length of this, and they seem too obvious at times, such as in the chorus. To be honest, i took one look at the size of this and hesitated to read it as i didn't know if i had enough time-- that's how long this is. Sometimes less is more. I don't think the second verse was set up well by the first verse. V 2, 3 and 4 are part of a story that might not need the first verse to set them up at all. The first verse seems far too simplistic and your facts are debatable. Ever watch the NatGeo shows on sea lions fighting over the females, or moose, or musks? They definately get tired, and sometimes they get killed trying to prevail. I think you will lose people with your first verse and so they will miss the real story in V 2,3 and 4. There's your story. Michaelangelo started with a lot more rock than he needed. The beauty of the sculpture wasn't revealed until he did some serious chipping away. Hope i helped.
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    Some very good work here TC -- great vocals -- really like the harmonies. (Sure, as you said above, you're no Jon Anderson but who the hell is? ) The bass is superb as are the guitars. The mix is clear and punchy. The only nit I have is the instrumental section toward the end -- some of the timing sounds a bit off to my ears. A very good listen -- I enjoyed it...!! Allan =-=-=
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    I thoroughly enjoyed the instrumental part, and the song has an airy vibe to it The vocals are decent pitch wise, but like just call me Chris said, I feel as if they could use a little more oomph. Likeep a little heavier rock sound. But if tis is the style you are shooting for then you have yourself are great song. The transition around 1:17 sounds great, made me want to hear more. Also great guitar part
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    Don't know if you're using any chord progressions when writing a song. It appears as though you don't play an instrument, and you probably feel as though it is too late to learn one. Learning some basic chords on any instrument would help your melody writing...by changing the chords, your melody would have to follow along with those changes. It's hard for me to imagine writing just the melody...sometimes that's the last thing I write. Sounding like Tom Petty isn't the worst thing. Fab's collaboration idea is a good one. Chaz
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    I knew some shit like this would be going down as soon as you got your fucking freedom-loving claws on the site. The censorship rules were always offensive to me - and a complete suppression of the individual responsibility we value. Gave me pleasure to discover that nonsense to have been quickly dumped when you took over, mate.