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  2. Back to the topic. I gave kudos to Sanders for condemning the shooting of Republican lawmakers. Sadly, but not surprisingly, I must revoke those kudos after hearing what he said just a few days after his fake condemnation. He could not hide his evil intentions by morphing back into his attack mode against Trump by calling on people to take down the President. The left wing rhetoric against a duly elected President continues and I'm afraid may lead to more crazies doing crazy things.
  3. Of course writing rap is writing a song. But, if rappers ruled the world, I don't think they'd care about harmony.
  4. I think you will find that what you sent was mostly food, vehicles and other equipment - which was very welcome (and which we have now paid for in full). I don't think you can claim that the US arms industry is a result of the second amendment as much as the result of the second world war. We can argue about what was sent but bottom line is we sent men, arms and equipment to fight the invading German army. I beg to differ with you regarding the build up of the US arms industry. If not for the second amendment our arms industry would not have advanced to where it is today. Men like Colt or Browning would not have taken a muzzle loading single shot firearm to a cartridge loading multiple shot weapon. Gatling would not have invented the first machine gun. The second amendment opened up this whole industry of creating a useful, effective and economic way for Americans to own guns. I dare say what have the Brits designed or created in terms of firearms as the result of ww2? Without America's foresight of building the second amendment into the Constitution and America's love of freedom Europe might be just be a huge Germany.
  5. I appreciate that, will note that mate.
  6. Thanks. Yes, I was going for moody. It's a fictitious story where I focused on the idea of what happens if you go through the joy of becoming a parent only to find that they are seriously ill. I actually wrote the lyric whilst up all night looking over my son who, at the time, was ill with a sickie bug.
  7. it took me a while to finally check this out but i'm glad i did - i love a good break up song. I really like this, it's a bit unassuming - the title doesn't immediately jump out at me - but once you get into it, it really works. and i like the Charon reference, if you get it you get it and if not it doesn't hurt (plus, i'm the nerd that would actually google it to find out if i didn't). I can see some of the points about being overdramatic but also, after a break up i've been accused of being overdramatic so it's not... out of place.
  8. Here's about six hours with of studio work. One or two of you might remember I posted a sketch of this song. Well heres's the finished product, please let me know your thoughts no matter what they are. I walk the long and winding road in my knapsack is my load I love ou, I love you I pass a church and wonder, when do you die if born again? I love you, I love you On the rails with the guys galaxies in bloodshot eyes I love you, I love you It stops in san diego last and they said we’d get there fast I love you, I love you It’s night out and I need sleep I guess i’ll go sit by the beach I love you, I love you When I wake up my wallets gone and my phone with your name on I love you, I love you I check the phonebook for a trace but you're too cool to waste the space I love you, I love you Sometime later I find guys with galaxies in blood shot eyes I love you, I love you See you walking down the street but are eyes don’t ever meet I love you, I love you Guess you thought I was a bum With crazy hair and big beard on I love you, I love you I call your name and you turn round and you make a timeless sound You clean me up I look the same When do you die when born again? I love you, I love you I love you, I love you
  9. Hi like a lot, Reminds me of a more chilled chemical brothers. This might go against what your going for but I was hoping for a chorus. Thanks!
  10. Hi, as someone who's not familiar with the original track, I like this. My main feedback would be "the underwater effect" is awesome when contrasted with more present "tinnier" sounds. You do this some but I think you could take it further with a harsh buzzy high synth... Enjoyed listening thanks!
  11. I'll definitely consider another chord progression.. something a little less standard. I actually like hearts as well.. I don't know if someone listening will actually pickup on it but that was the intent.. since she's an alien. Thanks for the feedback:)
  12. Is Rap actually songwriting....and would they qualify to rule the world? -T
  13. Micky...very kind words...thanks man. Cap: I'm not sure how to get to the hook sooner without making the song much longer. Maybe you should produce this, and throw in some killer guitar licks. I did shouts on a recent song I posted here...I was at a party and got 20 people to shout the chorus. It was fun. Thanks for listeneing Chaz
  14. It's easy to go the "stay off my lawn" route when looking at pop culture in any era but there are some great young musicians out there. I am doing my part. The teenager in my house plays guitar/bass/upright, and owns 2 electrics. Probably better than I am but don't tell him that yet... I have a few more years to be the hero hopefully.
  15. Thanks for the advice guys:) I will definitely consider cutting that PC in half.. you're right it will have more impact. I might omit it before the last chorus as well and just keep the high energy in the music in the 2nd chorus going and blow through the third verse into the final chorus.. Maybe the PC will become backing singer lines in that final chorus. We'll see where the music takes me.
  16. My shallowness and obliviousness is occasionally illuminated by a brief flash of insight...not to worry, it never lasts.
  17. Thank you for the shout out... and I won't flog you... unless that's your thing - Haha! Happy 30th anniversary - that's quite a feat!
  18. I think the PC is more memorable, has more impact and more power shortened to these two lines. The other two lines are distractions, terribly cliche and unnecessary... oh yea, in my opinion LOL! Shared a glance across the room Dancing to a Madonna tune
  19. I updated the intro and re recorded some vocals. I like how warm the intro is sounding. Any thoughts?
  20. wow, this has come a long way! it's tightened up a lot, very nice work
  21. Well, maybe electric guitars are in decline. But there is definitely plenty of guitar based music out there. Probably enough to last lifetimes of listening pleasure. Side note. I was the featured artist this past weekend at a local open mic. A young 14 yr old kid followed me. He was terrific. He played finger style but didn't sing. He played the vocal phrases on the guitar. I was to finish the show. The kid heard me mention playing Simple Man when I started the show but I didn't play it. When he was done he walked over to me and asked if I knew Simple Man. I said yes, can you play it? He said yes. I invited him up with me and I had a notebook full of songs. He played the whole 45 min set with me. So there's a few kids out there still playing and loving rock and roll. It was very cool. I invited him to play with me this coming weekend at a local gig. He was super excited that I asked him and so were his parents. There's still hope! Lol
  22. Virtual instruments and auto-tune, along with digital recording fix it magic are making musicianship much less needed. I gave music lessons for some time...piano, bass, and guitar, and I would estimate that 90% of my students lasted for less than 6 months....which reinforces what you've all said. Paul, I sold pianos for a time on both coasts....and sales of acoustic pianos have been crashing down since the 90's....so now you'll have to get hit with a keyboard. Chaz BTW.....are most kids listening to music on their phones now? That has to sound like shit...and how do you mix for that?
  23. In regard to what you wanted to say, the song seems to be about 1) the singer's inability to contain the bursting forth of explosive and out-of-control feelings, and 2) her diminished self-worth, which hits me as a tiny non-sequitur, or foot note, or going off the track, or parenthetical remark. ---------------------------- Echoes of (from my generation). . . You raise the blade, you make the change You re-arrange me 'til I'm sane. You lock the door and throw away the key There's someone in my head but it's not me. Somehow that one was spooky and a little bit tongue-in-cheek and actually managed to be fun, which this one isn't and doesn't, and doesn't want to be, with its 'smoke and the sparks that burn through my soul.' So serious!
  24. I think "hearts" is good. It reinforces that she's a different species, with a different makeup from humans - and one of the differences, it seems, is that her species has more than one heart. Maybe the mother even thinks that a boy with only one heart couldn't possibly be good enough for her little girl!
  25. HI Malice, thanks for commenting, I've been thinking but stuck with this one since last week. Maybe introducing the mountain earlier would help, but I'm not sure how to do it. The 'song': "Get Together" by the Youngbloods. "Come on people, now, smile on your brother, everybody get together, got to love one another right now"
  26. Hobo, Cindy, John and kuya Many thanks for the suggestions. I've rewritten the bridge based on your input. Hopefully it is de-preachified now Hobo - I'd like to be optimistic but ... I don't see many lining up to meet on that bridge. But I guess it's only eight bars long. Thanks again all Paul
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