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I don't know how many people care but i thought id talk a bit about BANQUET and the references, and just the track in general. Excuse the grammar and punctuation, im typing this off my phone.


So its a politically charged song, ive tried to take the 'eat what someone says' phrase literally. The track is about a group of politicians (im from Australia) at a banquet table eating an extravagant meal...us. The followers. Instead of questioning what we are told, we blindly follow, we are left in the dark by the powers. Maybe its paranoia but its just my opinion. So the politicians are eating us, a reference to them taking advantage of us. Also, it makes for a good final line 'and yet WE eat what THEY say'.


Thats the bones of it, i could be more detailed but ill hold it there.


Ive included some extra lyrics here that I may use in the song, not arranged yet. My cousin is going to feature on the track hopefully, if he can come up with some lines. Otherwise ill have to work some of these lines in.





Listen in to the clatter of the cutlery and the lack of idle chatter, they get straight to business round here, no time for banter
Candle light dancing over sallow faces, appearances always more evil in the dark with a light shone beneath it
Appetiser completed, out comes the main course, the main corpse, they say the meat tastes best when it comes from an oblivious host
Comparable to lamb I suppose
Giants to the gnomes, putrid sound of marrow been sucked from bones
I got my invite in the post the other day, I didn't go, a party without Jane Tyrrell isn't worth going to
Laughter at the party is more shallow than Chris Hemsworths emotions, anyone who'd date Miley Cyrus deserves that roast
And so it goes, I'm sure the saying is work to the grave and keep your head buried in the earth
There's a price you pay for asking questions, ask Juanita Nelson
Let's face it, we all know she was skinned alive, dismembered and stuffed in plastic bags, distributed worldwide
With that in mind, they hit the media with smiles, claim that we're equals but to them we live in the shadows of animals
The politicians of the banquet table, their main course devoured, morsels of meat stuck between teeth ten times the size of ours
As the sun sets a bad moon rises, our existence pitiful in the eyes of our powers
A glass clings and a toast is raised dedicated to the declining state of the individuality of the human race
Claim to fame, painted grins like clowns and just as haunting, taunting, daunting, recipe is unrelenting
Welcome to the circus of freaks, they can't juggle, swallow swords or spit fire but they're masters of trickery
Warlocks of the dark arts, magicians of cannibalism, Issei Sagawa, how can we fight when they won't let us compete against them?
We're fighting a losing battle like me against the mainstream, commoners against the elite, like Narnia this cabinet was built on deceit
Platters licked clean, reflections inhumane, fact is scarier than fiction, Freddie Krauger versus John Wayne
Pause for a break in the action to play some party games, anybody up for a spot of follow the leader?
Back to your seats and conversation continues, wiping clean mouths with napkins the size of beach towels
The meeting is now so close to its close, impatience is setting in, desert is served to calm some of the tension
Alright, I've been told you can't right a wrong but I can write a wrong and I'm proof you can't wrong a Wright, so maybe we stand a chance against these martyrs after all if we fight
Where did our will go to survive?
As they're feasting on our tender flesh, peeling our skin like potato jackets and taking all that we have

Gathered at this banquet they have their discussion, there's no way we can pull the blinds away
And yet we eat what they say?

All i know is if you rachel one of their khoos you'll get AIDS

Excuse that last line, Im hoping we are grown up enough to handle that kind of thing.


So I just included some references and what they are, for interests sake but it also makes the lines make more sense. I might have missed some.


ISSEI SAGAWA: He was a Japanese guy who killed and ate his victims. He got out of jail (or maybe even didnt get convicted, can't remember). Then he made it famous as a food critic in Asia. It is messed up.

RACHELLING SOMEONES KHOO: Rachel Khoo is an English chef, she has a TV show. It just sounds kind of sexual so it might make the lyrics. I'm not about been a mainstream artist, underground all the way so some things I write might not be suitable for everyone. 

JOHN WAYNE GACY: Probably don't need to explain.

JUANITA NELSON: A reporter in Australia who dug up too much on the government years and years ago. Think it was Sydney. She disappeared and to this day her body hasn't been found.

JANE TYRRELL: Just a great Australian singer. I reference her a lot in my tracks. But thats what rap is all about.

THE WATCHER: In America this house got sold then the new owners got anonymous letters saying the house was watched and 'new blood was requested' and weird shit like that. Its a really interesting story, the address was 657 Boulevard and the new owners are currently in court over the matter.


Hope I didn't miss any or bore you all. Cheers for reading, big ups and hope to hear from you!




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