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Digging for New Sounds From Impulse Responses



A neat little trick with IR verbs is that you don't just have to use impulse responses for the effect. You can load anything up as the IR, and then play other instruments through it. I guess in a certain sense it's like a quirky vocoder. But anyway, it yields interesting effects that can come in handy. Here are examples. 


1) With the default piano loaded in LPX, I added the Space Designer reverb inline. Then, I took a 1 second sample of a train and loaded that as the IR and reversed it. (There's a little drop down arrow just to the right of the words "IR Sample" on the left side of the plugin.) Playing around very little with the settings revealed this: 

(Note: if you come up with a sound that is locked to a tempo you don't want, one option is to record it at the IR tempo (even in a different DAW instance, with an IR-matching tempo), then bring that back into your song, but warped/stretched to match your own tempo. How to do this will depend on your DAW.)


2) With the same piano loaded, but dry at 0%, here is acoustic guitar strumming as the IR:

Strange effect, yeah, but could come in handy. Imagine it with good EQ, some compression and delay. Maybe a little extra dirt. (It already has a sort of NIN sound to it.)


Now admittedly, what I was trying to do was to actually capture the sound of the guitar, just mangled a bit. I have done that before -- even feeding a minute's worth of percussion through as the IR to hear what comes out. It makes for interesting layering with the original sound. That did not happen this time, so that means I don't know Space Designer well enough. Last time I must have started with a different setting before switching the IR. I noticed that some of the knobs and selections were grayed out this round. Perhaps the difference lies there. 


Aside from better learning how to tweak the controls on Space Designer, I'll have to try this out on other IR verbs to see what they can do. 


Laissez les bons temps rouler~


EDIT: Ah, I think I was using Kontakt last time I did this little trick. If, btw, you are into sampling, Kontakt is without a doubt one of the best pieces of software you could learn. 

PS-- Does anyone know how to get these Soundcloud inserts to not be so dang big? 




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