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The Sweet Spot



This is my first blog entry on the nuances of a song.


Have you ever noticed that a lot of songs have a Sweet Spot? What I mean by sweet spot is - a small musical or lyrical passage that we can't get enough of hearing. I don't mean a "hook" which is repeated for us, but a special place in the song that hits us emotionally.

Maybe it's where a new instrument comes in, maybe it's a James Brown "Uuuuh", maybe a stop, a slow down, a speed up.

I used to listen to a particular jazz number on my car stereo that had a snare hit, all by itself, that led into a new section of the song. I would listen to that hit, then back it up a few seconds, and do this repeatedly just to experience that one snare hit over and over. Often people talk of the "climax" happening 7/8 of the way through a song, and maybe that is a sweet spot for many, but I quite often pick a different spot than that for my sweet spot.



Regardless of what you decide your song's lyrical/musical arrangement will be, I think it will be a better song if it has a Sweet Spot.  :)


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