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Melodyne and Sound Design

Alistair S


I'm a big fan of Melodyne (and hyped that ARA is coming to Reaper).


It's so much more than a pitch tool. Here's a video on Sound design (it gets more interesting after the part on vocals - you could skip to 1:48 if you choose to).



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Wow, I may have to shell out for this Melodyn upgrade now - to the old version I use with Sonar X3. 


I use mine mainly for adjusting phrasing for syncing vocal doubling. Also the odd bit of pitch adjustment especially when singing high harmonies.



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I see you must mean that the current version doesn't work with Reaper (they don't list Reaper on their site at all).

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Melodyne works fine with Reaper as it is - however, Reaper has only recently announced that it will implement ARA (likely with version 6, I'd guess).


ARA stands for Audio Random Access and is an extension (it works on some other plugs too) that enhances integration and makes life much easier.





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I was intrigued by Melodyne by the 'here's what it does' videos I looked at (although its hard to see which features the two cheapest versions share or differ with). Watched a guy take a female lead vocal and fix the bad notes and created a harmony line, and take a male voice and make it sound like a female (not just raising the pitch, but altering the formants, too).


On the radio this past weekend I was flipping stations (am I the only one still doing that?) and one of the normally-classic rock stations played a Selena Gomez song - I'd never heard one of her songs before.  Instantly I could tell her vocal had been corrected in Melodyne - and a harmony line added in the chorus with it.  It sounded so horribly fake and contrived.   Guess I'll live with my less-than-perfect pitch and using ReaTune for minor corrections!

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