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Blue Hawk Down



Studio Chai is currently down as we mourn the loss of our dear Svetlana. She was a good hack. We learned a lot with her, but she just didn't jive with an upgrade, and we're having to let her go. RIP, baby. RIP. 

I'm currently awaiting new parts, which will take some time, and expect to be back online in a couple weeks. Until then, er, uh, na zdraví I guess. :P

Btw, the Instrumentals Contest is up this month. This outlying contest on the Muse never really drew that many people, but was a recurrent love with a few back in the old Muse's Muse site. Not sure how it'll go on the new Muse, but it's up and available for any who want to take advantage of it. It's open to all entries, and is a good place to try out non-lyrical pieces you've been working on or have already finished that don't fit into the existing contests. 


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