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Hi Alistair 

one of the most fun things on this site is a collaboration contest

it really sets my brain on fire, 

is it possible to have one please, 

go on you know you want to! 😄

If we get one, I'll buy the Mod a drink of their choice

And that's a promise

All the best 


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Stop Triffid entering the contests.


Nah, only kidding. 


But I like the idea of playing with different ideas for contests, collaboration or otherwise, even just friendly challenges rather than serious contests.


Ideas like maybe draw names from a hat and random people have to write a song together.

Or have a contest to re-write lyrics to an existing song, where everyone gets the same song.


Dunno, the contests do help me motivate myself though. That's what I like about this site.



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I think a collab contest or challenge (sounds less intimidating) is a great idea!. And a random draw could be a really fun way to get to know other Musers.

Thanks, Alistair, for all you do for us. It is a really good site!



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For me, the site could be improved by restricting the threads under the rubric "Songcrafting Discussions" to actual discussions about actual songcrafting. Right now, it seems like a random rug beneath which people sweep all sorts of untidy and irrelevant droppings. Same for "Music Theory and Melody".  It's as if people can't read, or mis-read, or are just wobbly and uncertain about such petty distinctions between categories. Grimble-grumble.


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