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I Met

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Mr Distraction


I hear this for some strange reason sung by George Michael? Hell if i know why but a powerful voice with emotion!


I Met!



I met a girl

She changed my world

I can't describe her beauty

Even if you said you'd shoot me

The most beautiful I have seen

She was my Queen 

I met a girl



I met a woman

Oh boy! Oh boy! What a woman

I gave her all my heart 

The first I love you was the start

Now that she has gone

I don't know where I'm from

I met a woman



I'm just a man

I did what I could

But the women that I love

Is no longer in love

With me



I have lost the power

I've lost the most delicate flower

I was such fool

I broke every lovers rule

Now I pay the price

I can tell you it's not nice

I lost the pow.........er



Now there nothing left............


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