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About this blog

Two questions: 

     1.)  what is the last  tune you played on purpose, either because it's a favorite or perhaps some other reason. 

      2.)  what's the latest song you've heard or the one that stands out the strongest in recent memory,  that you think is really good, or really interesting, or really something else ( bad, strange, etc.) ? 

       My reason for asking is I'd love to know what I'm missing out there. Since we're from all different demographics, I think we all might enjoy hearing something different. 

Entries in this blog


Since I started this I should go first. 

       The most recent interesting song I've heard is This Is America thanks to Spanish Buddha, which we've already discussed in another forum. Thank you SB. Since it is a cultural touchstone I appreciate you pointing it out.  I won't feel so clueless if somebody mentions it now. 

        The most recent song I played on purpose was this morning I played Memphis Soul Stew by King Curtis, from Live at the Fillmore 1970.  King Curtis was arguably the best R&B horn player (sax) and this was a special band put together to back up Aretha for her Live at The Fillmore album, and King Curtis's live also. When Little Feat used to tour they played this song just before the band came out. This is a song that will wake you up.