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    • Hope I'm not too late to the party, the flow on this is really good Paul, and I love the poignancy of it, the unique feel. Paul, the only tweak that jumps at me from the lyric is,  And gossipers happily feed it.  Great write. Love your versatility as a lyricist.
    • I love this one, very good flow to it. Can't wait to hear it with music. Sounds like something that has that country, country rock sound to it.. Once again really like it! 
    • Barneyboy Thank you, I am really glad that you replied to this topic, and I actually agree with a lot of the comments you make. Looking at this as a straight lyric, your points make sense. The present tense would be better, sounds like a forced rhyme for kill (which it is), the chorus is crap (my words) objectively that is all correct and I agree with you, I worked within the boundaries of another song and those are the weak points because of it. Your critical eye is really on point here and you took a lot of time on it, I really appreciate it. Thank you so much! One thing I will answer, the burqa could conceal bombs and other weaponry beneath it and therefore be used in terror strikes. (not my opinion, just answering).   =Bob= thank you for your colourful input   PaulCanuck, Should I stay or should I go now? Rock The Casbah, the good old days! Thanks for your comments, I tend to get tunnel vision, so it's nice when someone pulls me out of my own head to see broader options for my lyrics.  
    • Hello everyone, would appreciate your feedback on these in progress instrumentals I'm working on. Will kindly do the same for your tracks.                 
    • Hey everyone, looking to get some advice or some ideas to bounce off of for 3 tracks I'm finishing up. Let me know your thoughts. These are instrumentals so any criticism that is constructive is great. Would love to hear your ideas also.    1.)       2.)   3.)   https://soundcloud.com/gud4umusic/inprogress-91917/s-INTiu   4.)       
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