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    • I wrote this lyric this afternoon while working on another one. See what you think. Thanks for looking.     Concrete Canyon                                    James L Kleinheksel                            © Copyright 2017   Moving like an apparition Around these dirty streets Give me room to make it through I won't accept defeat I will be the puppeteer Of everything and then some more You’re the lowly volunteer On the concrete canyon floor     I don't need a helping hand I don't need any love Anyone who's in my way Is struck down from above Racing like a greyhound Relishing this blood and gore You just stand and wait in line On this concrete canyon floor   Bridge You know it’s me with all the power It doesn’t matter what you do You’re gonna be devoured     Always knew I'd see the day When I'm always looking down Anyone who's in my way I push em to the ground Screaming like an eagle Always moving at full bore Follow me until you’re dead On that concrete canyon floor
    • Sounds great. Can't wait to hear the finished draft.
    • Got it:   haunting, hiding in plain sight,
      always right behind me,
      just beyond the light. waiting, watching between the lines
      until i catch you sliding
      out of the corner of my eye   the veil crashes down
      we're face to face
      and teeth to teeth
      an image purified
      standing in the mirror
      you're laughing in the mirror i'm on the other side   breathing, meaning beyond words
      that should never have been spoken
      should never have been heard dreaming, whisper in my ear
      images uncertain
      -picture perfect fear   the veil crashes down
      we're face to face
      and teeth to teeth
      an image purified
      standing in the mirror
      you're laughing in the mirror
      i'm on the other side   a victim of coincidence
      and everchanging circumstance
      -i rearrange hung in the balance by a thread
      i cant go back the way i came
      you manifest
      ecstatic visions back and forth and push and pull
      moving too fast nowhere to go
      you overwhelm me, pulling me down   underneath the water
      beneath the muddy water   spinning in the shadows never letting loose your hold   tearing with abandon
      to feed a hunger deep within   the veil crashes down
      we're face to face
      and teeth to teeth
      the enemy inside
      standing in the mirror
      i'm laughing in the mirror
      its all so crystal clear
      an image purified!     Nonsense! our conversation really helped me work through the lyrics and distill what i'm trying to get across. besides, i couldnt have wrestled that 'gator without you Man!   you'll be getting big ups in the credits for sure! THANK YOU!
    • The process of putting words to music is well done here.  Adding a video is even more impressive.  However, I have left some comments on your lyrics.  It's a fast moving number and the story was quiet confusing.  It is not well laid out in the lyrics. 
    • Six More Days 'Till Sunday

      Sunday,... singin' with the preacher, I was feeling so upright
      Listnin' to him read the gospels ..finally.. I had seen the light 
      Felt I'd found my righteous future...., things were lookin' clear and bright 
      Then Pearl came by that evening... and stayed the whole damn night 

      Now it's six more days till Sunday ..I'm running low on prayers
      The neighbors hear us howlin', think some Devil lives upstairs
      I gotta take it easy.... to make it through the week
      'Cause I'm without a paddle, and I'm six days up the creek

      She hit me like a hammer that's pounding on a nail
      Half the things flashed through my mind.. would end me up in jail
      Out went my good intentions ...with that ol' kitchen sink
      Kissin' her sweet lips and wondrin' what was left to drink 

      She's knocking on my door again, my mind fills up with sin 
      It ain't polite to make her wait...I've got to let her in

      Maybe I can stop by church today, I'll sneak out on my break 
      And ask the Lord what I can do... to clean up my mistakes 
      Not sure how I'll do it, 'cause she's sure on a tear
      With six more days 'till Sunday  I'm nearly out of prayers 


      Now it's six more days till Sunday ..I'm running low on prayers
      The neighbors hear us howlin', think some Devil lives upstairs
      I gotta take it easy.... to make it through the week
      'Cause I'm without a paddle, and I'm six days up the creek
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