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    • Rooster Joe.  ( with a dog thrown in for Barneyboy)   grew up around the barnyard. seen things you wouldn't know     
      but I never seen nothin like that cock called rooster Joe   
      One day i saw my papa Put something in his feed.             
      Old joe was kind of high strung. That help he didn't need.                  Joe started with the poultry. He didn't spare no hens.               
      chicken, turkey, waterfowl, and then the livestock pens.       
      Joe went after everything; he didn't spare a cow 
      I saw my mama watching this, and all she said was wow    That tail chasing rooster joe
      Got more tail than you'll ever know
      Chased 'em high and chased 'em low
      My tail chasing rooster joe   and then ma looked at papa And Papa kicked his shoe
      if I had some variety Said I could do that too. 
      Then papa turned to mama. You better go and hide
      He's li'ble to go after you It's best to get inside.    Joe went searching wide and far.  Didn't spare a critter. 
      He even got my sisters dog laying with her litter. 
      This cock was busy all day long but it was getting late 
      I said Pa he's going to kill him self, but that was not his fate   That tail chasing rooster joe
      Got more tail than you'll ever know
      Chased 'em high and chased 'em low
      My tail chasing rooster joe   Pa we gotta do something. My papa said not so
      Have a little faith my son. have faith in rooster joe
      A buzzard soon was circling. Joe struggled on his feet
      Old joe spread eagled on the ground. It seemed like he'd been beat   But then i saw joe wink at pa. He had some kind of plan
      See that buzzard overhead? He'll jump her when she lands. 
      When joe was finally finished. I almost felt a shiver
      For a little bantam red Old joe could sure deliver.     Sometimes it seems like yesterday but it was long ago.   BRIDGE
      Never can forget that day. That day and rooster joe   That tail chasing rooster joe   
      got more tail than you'll ever know
      Chased 'em high and chased 'em low
      My Tail chasing rooster joe  
    • Hi Barney,          The main character ( the fisherman) didn't call her names. The fisherman is sticking with his gf. He's not being  Judgemental.  He's got metaphorical lemons and he's made lemonade. Considering the circumstances, I'd say he's a stand up guy with the patience of Job. All that's missing is a dog. I always try my best to fit a dog in there somewhere for you Barney, but it was only a twenty minute write. I wrote it so quick because it's based on a joke i heard back in the '70s. 
    • I think you may have just opened yourself to some feminine blood letting..  Dude, you can't treat a woman like some disease infested tramp. 
    • Sounds like suicidal death metal and it is quite disturbing.  It is a shame that someone who breathes longs to end that breathing.  Even worse, is to solicit others to join you.  Not into this kind of song. Cannot leave any words of encouragement. 
    •   You mentioned it was long, and I would agree with you.  Here's an idea:  just use the first half of the second verse, then Go back into the first chorus.  Then, use the first half of the third verse, followed by the first half of the fourth verse, and then the chorus again.     this might keep it a bit longer, but if you wanted to keep the part about court, you could add it as a bridge?  Then do the last chorus.  Just an idea . Some of the verses seemed a bit repetitive in subject matter, like the second verse.  Doing it this way might make it more concise, as well as give us more of the chorus.   (Sorry I am being long winded, haha! .    Here is also an idea for the chorus that I feel would make it a bit more interesting:   He's the alpha male, driven to prevail.
      It's embedded in his DNA
      He's the alpha male.  He's gonna' blaze a trail.  
      burned into the book of fate   This is a bit more catchy, and makes it breath a little bit.  It makes me want to clap along     Just some food for thought =)         
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