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    • Thank you!! Yes I definitely want to emulate Hazel Dickens! I never heard of Alice Gerrard, but I will look her up! And slowing it down is a good idea. 
    • Hey songbird52,   As a bluegrass and oldtime fan, I thought your song was very nice and fits in well with those genres.  You emulate Hazel Dickens and Alice Gerrard sounds that I'm familiar with very well whether you meant to or not.  However, if you are going to do a 1 vocal and 1 guitar, I think it would have wider appeal to more listeners if you slow the song down a bit--it is sad and melancholic after all--I believe it could be perceived as a little rushed.      The lyrics story-wise and rhyme wise I found really honest and real.  I love this verse:   As a 1 & 1 I think slowing it down and focusing on the melancholic vocal is probably the best way to go with this song.  If you do it at a faster tempo, it probably needs more bluegrass instrumentation in my opinion for it to realize it's greatest potential.   Good song songbird!
    • I wrote this for a friend who's in a power-pop band and need some material for an upcoming gig. I think this is the first power-pop song I've ever attempted to write. What do you think about my first foray into this genre? Did I hit the mark or am I way off?   Also I think the vocals sound atrocious... I kinda cringe listening to this. Recording vocals is a consistent problem I'm having. Can someone please advise what I'm doing wrong and/or how I might be able to track better vocals? I know I'm not the greatest singer in the world, but I also know that I'm better than how I'm sounding here. Any constructive criticism/help would be greatly appreciated.   "From the Earth to the Moon" Music and Lyrics: Robert Cross   We cleared the tower of our love Shot through the skies to the heavens above But gravity still pulled me down I tried in vain to call to you Yelled and screamed but couldn’t get through Before I knew it I was stuck on the ground   I’d do anything to get to you Travel the distance from the Earth to the moon At apogee or perigee When you’re as far as you can be It won’t matter to me   I long to hold in my embrace And I want so badly to see your face I swear I see it on the lunar surface I’ll build a cannon to shoot through the skies With five times the force of the Saturn V So it can be the two of us   I’d do anything to get to you Travel the distance from the Earth to the moon At apogee or perigee When you’re as far as you can be It won’t matter to me   Your love’s the stuff of my dreams So meet me at the sea of tranquility And know that I’ve done every step with a smile All 250,000 miles   I’d do anything to get to you Travel the distance from the Earth to the moon At apogee or perigee When you’re as far as you can be It won’t matter to me              
    • Hi! I've made a reharmonization of Rick Astley's Never Gonna Give You Up! Then I created a Lyric Video!  Let me know what you think!  
    • Hi! I've made a reharmonization of Rick Astley's Never Gonna Give You Up! Then I created a Lyric Video! Let me know what you think!  
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