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    • I'm in as a ... (whatever you're short of )
    • I assume you mean the song from Carousel? I'm not hearing much similarity other than the use of stringed instruments myself   Sorry!    Mind you, someone with a better ear than me might see more similarity!
    • In as a musician...    Been working on my recording lately and getting my chops back. What little there was... This would be very helpful. 
    • A drunken slob song. Pros and cons.
      Drinking: Got that covered.
      Wishful: Also well covered, the idea being wishful thinking, which is that his life isn't as bad as it actually is, presumably for some reason other than the drinking itself, although who knows? Presumably bad things happened and drove him to this. Or maybe he's constitutionally depressive.  And there is indeed wishful thinking. If I'm ugly and I get a cool haircut that let's me imagine that I'm good-looking, that's wishful thinking. If my life has been rotten and I tell myself it's actually OK ("My life ain't as stinking bad as it seems") for certain reasons (women look better, my pickup still works, my house ain't a pigstye, I got acquaintances, and I could work--all invalid reassurances), that is wishful thinking.  And if I'm reinforcing my wishfulness by alcohol, that's 'wishful drinking.' A pearl. You do a great job with this theme, being impressively polished up by various members' input. When I saw the title, my first flash of a thought was that, wow, you had come up with a first-tier hook, every bit as good as "I've Got Friends in Low Places," and that it would probably be a song about lost love, perhaps about a soul who had been dumped and was going to wishfully sit drinking on that bar stool until his lover, upon realizing that he/she had run off with a scoundrel, came waltzing back through that barroom door, the place they had originally met. I guess it's too late for that, although such a scenario, to me, would be more relatable, since basically everyone has been dumped. But how many people want to just stay polluted? Or "slowly nosedive." Basically this is a song about someone who has chosen a way to reassure himself that his circumstances aren't so horrible. Once you get past the cleverness of the lyric, it may not be all that appealing. Still, nobody seemed to think that. It will probably pass because the listener will tell himself that this guy is just going through a stage. And the listener knows this guy is fooling himself. He knows it, too. So that makes me the fuddy duddy.
      Still, I would have gone for the lost love.
    • Hi i didn't understand this song lyric at all, and therefore it didn't grab me  it seemed confusing and when the lyric suggested one thing it changed and went another way, other critters here seemed to get the gist so it must be down to me if you could let us in to the fact it's all about code that would help however in its way it is ok and may come together more when the music is added  so all the best  Mike  
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