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  1. I dont have all the answers, but I do have plenty of questions.

  2. Hi H Always entertaining and proof you can throw out the cookie cutters and create something worth listening to. always a fan R-N-R Jim
  3. hi It seems kinda twisted in an awkward charming way. Melody and arranging is great. Its kinda like if Rodger Waters wanted to go pop. good job R-N-R Jim
  4. Hi Kim Nice feel and subject to tackle. The song seemed to ramble and didnt get a real feel words why for the chorus and then a bridge or too thrown in, seemed abit dislocated. The song has alot of potential but the chorus needs to be pared down. just my two cents worth R-N-R Jim
  5. Hi D Wow, the arranging was solid. I could hear this in many different types of scenarios, such as a background for a movie scene or even snippets of it for a high end perfume commercial. Don't laugh, commercial background music is a good gig to have. Again...composition was really good. hats off R-N-R Jim
  6. Hi W Melody was really good. Loved the harmony for the chorus. Lyrics were fun dead pan images. The phrasing in the verses seemed forced or unsure of. Perhaps a kazoo at the end? Overall it was fun. Just my two cents worth R-N-R Jim
  7. Hi S As others suggested, maybe finding someone to sing it would be better for the song as a whole. The chorus needs something beat or even arrangement wise to make it stand out more. Maybe even having a sparse arrangement for the chorus might give some separation between the verse and chorus and perhaps the beat or drum arrangement needs to be more straight forward to make it sound different. The lyrics seemed alright and didnt take away from the song. Just singing some of the words in extended note fashion was alittle bit overkill. I know...writing a song is one thing and arranging it is another. That's always the challenge...the challenge of getting recorded what's in your head and how it actually translate on the recording doesnt always work out as planned. The song as a whole wasnt bad and had feel. just my two cents worth R-N-R Jim
  8. Hi I This was so bizarre and fresh, I had to listen to it a couple times. I normally dont listen to this type of pop, but it has some sort of soul to it that makes it intriguing. The singer really makes this song. I wouldnt change a thing. It has this eerie dark pop jazz feel to it. You really need to shop this to labels....its that good. Good Job R-N-R Jim
  9. A cliche is meant to be an attention getter...well...most genre's of music it is. Metaphors in general are the usual suspects used for this. Groups like the Posies and Mitch Easter are great at using cliche's in a far different clever way than your run of the mill ways of expression. So, yeah, cliche's can be "simple" and yet "complex" depending on the genre of music.
  10. Song was decent for the most part. Maybe more vocals in the chorus to give the chorus and verse some contrast or separation. Some of the phrasing seemed awkward...but I guess that newer style of music of pop is alittle uncommon for my ears to have that style of phrasing. just my two cents worth R-N-R Jim
  11. Vocals are over the top fun. Im thinking the song was maybe too long and could be pared down by a minute or two. I did like the acoustic break, but perhaps earlier in the song if it were shortened. Plus at 3:15 I was expecting a raucous solo blaring to no end...but instead it just became a dead spot. I have to agree with the drums as far as them being too muffled and having alot of the dynamics seemingly taken out of the overall punch of the sound. But getting back to the song...subject was certainly loose and fun. Certainly not your run of the mill head banger. good job R-N-R Jim
  12. Actually Gary, I do enjoy some of the music that is being done or has been done the last 20 years...thing is, most of it isnt in the top 20 that the industry force feeds I would love to see some new bands/artists that I like get the same fair shake at airplay and see how it would fall out. examples: The Weepies, Flop, Diiv to name a few. You really have to hunt for good artists out there(CDbaby being a great source) and unfortunately the industry has force fed alot of artists by playing their songs for longer stretches rather than a 3 month cycle. You have to agree the top 40 in our day had a greater variety of songs and with shorter rotation cycles to keep things fresh. Once the industry started buying up all the radio stations, all bets were off that any regional band could ever get airplay to start a buzz about them. Sure, college radio and the internet has in some ways given an outlet or exposure for indie bands...but to get that force fed exposure of national radio is still strangely relevant....and the record companies know it. Im just saying that alot of what the industry promotes doesnt seem timeless in a musical sense. I may say its us oldies that crow from a bygone era, but when I see young kids wearing Beatles or Led Zep shirts, I know their parents didnt force feed those shirts on them Good music never dies, it gets rediscovered through bands that bring that sound back in their own way...but unfortunately these days seldom gets the airplay it needs to succeed...because it doesnt sound "new". I will take good over new any day As far as audience...well...if money talks , Im sure more retro bands would make it since alot of us oldsters still buy music...and we still buy cds! lol not a download of one song from an artist like some money strapped teenager does. Anyways..whats "old" still makes would think the industry would know this and maybe cultivate more good "old" music. just sayin R-N-R Jim
  13. In some sense that may be true Gary...the money is doing the walking...but most of the music they are writing doesnt speak to me. At some point I would love to ask these writers if they really loved what they wrote for the artist or they did it to pay the bills...I guess the term selling out comes to mind.
  14. Pro songwriters these days are over rated. But then again, I feel bad that they dont have the quality of artists to write for that they did back in the day. Imagine having the luck to write songs for the Monkees and The Carpenters? I would sink into a deep depression if I had to write songs for Celine Dion or dime a dozen boy bands.
  15. Those are great chord blends Bruce. I wonder if there is a Fripp scale?