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    Just to add a few more degrees to this sultry night, with the heavy sound of my soulful saxophone, from out of my third floor apartment window......the one right by the old Chesterfield sign. You know the one, the one with that blinking light that just never seems to burn out.

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    Hypnotic guitars, Great harmonies, Thought provoking lyrics, & an emotionally charged melody.
  1. Thanks, Alistair!!
  2. Hi Alistair........very good of you to host the SOTY comps. The only rule I would need to ask about is the rule that we may vote for ourselves. I oppose the practice, and feel that it is self-serving and on the selfish side of an otherwise very fun and friendly activity. Can this rule be repealed, or must this rule stand? Respectfully, -Tom
  3. I get it....very funny. That scene must be in the latest "Zoolander" saga. And,I don't know about doing-it.......
  4. Hi Alistair.....How does the "Like" system work? Does each member have the capability to like, and how many times are we able to like a topic? Are non-members able to like? this system into the voting process with the SOTY Competitions. Just wondering
  5. Well, S....don't you want to know who this year's virtual "Attaboy" award goes to? And the winner.......(drum roll)............of this year's Attaboy goes to.......??? That would be awesome!
  6. Are we going to have a 2016 year's round-up of winners to determine which songs in the contests are our favorites? Just wondering -T
  7. That's OK, Justin......We've all (mostly, I think) have been through this before with previous comps. Can't blame yourself. Besides, I remember that there were those that expressed no interest in feedback, when it came to the comp. discussion. AAhhh....what will be will be However...there is always time to post comments, if wanted. -T
  8. Thanks for the kind words, Steve! -T
  9. Thanks for clarifying.....makes good sense, and I believe it's all subjective. Thanks, again, Pete!! -T
  10. Thanks for the heads up Hope you had a wonderful Holidays! -T
  11. Hi Pete.......thanks for the comments ; but, I don't think anybody really asked for them. No one but myself, specified the want for some comments in their original post of their submission. But I sure did........ ...and if you don't mind me asking......what is it about the melody that you are not sure of in the 2nd and 4th lines of the verses? -T
  12. CONGRATULATIONS, JASON..... and a BIG CONGRATS TO ROADDOG, as well. Some expected and unexpected scoring.......always makes an interesting comp. Thanks to all who have listened....thanks to the non-participant voters and thanks to Justin O for running the comp! -T
  13. In my time here I've never seen anyone 'stubbornly insist on the expected change'! I've seen back-and-forth discussions, maybe you just interpret those differently ... That would be 'Irving' Berlin, and he died in 1989, and I would not expect him to be able to comment well on modern music. As to 'paid for critiques', I never understood this at all - who are these so-called 'experts', and why is their opinion worth more than anyone else's? Because they sold a couple of 'hit' songs to someone? I'd rather hear multiple comments/opinions from different people - that's why I come here, and why I facilitate a songwriter circle meeting. What 'doesn't work' for one person, can 'work' for another. Suggestions from multiple sources can be melded into a new solution. Tom - I've only been here a couple of years, but it seems you mostly post completed songs, rather than those in development. To me, that means you're not really interesting in changing things in your songs. Awe Mike......instead of searching for holes in my statement to argue, why don't you just read what I am saying and give me the benefit of the doubt that I just might be in earnest with giving an honest, and thoughtful post. Keep or sweep, Mike Hi Hobo...I like your philosophical method with your critique style. It reminds me of the debate strategy of not completely aiming ones point with convincing the person you are debating, but rather, to focus on an argument that may influence the audience that is listening. Very beneficial.
  14. Well, well, well.......thank you very much Carl, and S... I'm not alone I have brought up, and have been in the middle of, such conversations in the past, and have been swallowed whole. To be fair, it is very difficult to get ones idea across this cyber gulf....very often, impossible. I get the impression, Justin, that you didn't understand much of what I was saying. No matter.....we all have different views and perspectives. Some are worth clarifying, more than others. ....My only point really worth mentioning is the nit I have for the person who critiques and stubbornly insists on the expected changes brought forth. I don't understand that person; and so, it's easy to believe that that person perceives himself as a know-it-all. And as far as professional critiques go.....there are those critiques that are paid for, presumably by biz insiders. We are amateurs. And besides, wouldn't you rather have someone of the likes to Irvan Berlin listen and comment to one of your songs......or me I think you might better understand my point, now. And when you (Justin) said "FWIW, very often when I see squabbles like this break out, the member posted their song and just asked, "what do you think?" But if you know the chorus isn't going to change regardless of the feedback - to the point that you might even get defensive if someone posts too strenuous a critique of that part - then it is probably smart to say that right at the beginning" Speaking for myself.....I always listen and covet critiques. I rarely change a thing, but I am in great hopes that someone points out something that I can change. Hobosage and Mortal really helped me with "I Couldn't Sleep (Down The River"), which is posted in this months songs contest......there is some proof, right there, for those who think I scoff at any and all advice, that I do listen and am always on the look out for those gold nuggets. Anyways..... thanks again, guys... -T
  15. That's where I come from. "Attaboys" are fine, but they tend to be useless - like your mom telling you she likes what you do, hanging your crayon drawings on the fridge. So I don't do much of that, and have been asked (more than once) to give compliments out along with my critiques, but I focus on what can be improved. Justin said: So, I apologize if some people don't like my comments - ignore them, no need to argue, but if you want to clarify something, go ahead - remember that if I don't understand what you meant by a particular lyrical line, then others may not either. And I also apologize for not participating in the songs feedback (or contest scoring) recently, just been too busy with my new album release, gigging and real life in general. Personally, I hear many new good songs/players/bands out there (and I've added many to my gigging set lists) - I listen to an Indie radio station a lot - but I also hear a lot of crap, too! But that's no different than 10, 20, 30 or even 40 years ago, except that there is just a lot more music available (to everyone) these days due to the internet and the ease of homerecording. As to 'paud3's comments, David had him pegged right. 'Gear Slutz' for songwriters? I haven't visited that site for a long time, but it seemed to be mostly people 'one-upping' each other regarding equipment and insulting those with less than high-end stuff. I've been writing songs for 45 years, but only started seeking feedback during the writing stages in the last few years and have found it highly helpful. It's no different than proof-reading prose (I write stories, too) - its very hard to be objective about your 'child' and to look at it with fresh eyes (listen with fresh ears). But let someone else do the proof-reading and they find the spelling and grammar errors that you missed. So let me get this straight.......none of you see any value in an attaboy I believe that we are taking ourselves way too seriously, if we think we can save every song that we grace. Our critiques are all amateurish.....sometimes insightful, but amateurish, just the same. And who amongst us are professionals in the biz? And better yet, who amongst us are so talented that people marvel at our work and seek our advice? Come on guys.......have a little fun and compassion while delivering your opinions. I'm not directing this towards anybody's actual critique style....I'm just trying to suggest that we bring a little reality into this question as to what brings and keeps members / participants to the Muse. And maybe some need to hear that they are not as good as they think they are....but most need to hear that their music doesn't suck, and to keep on doing it. Have you all forgotten that????? Wow, people......Reading on, I now know why -Tom