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  1. Lyricist - with a preference for a challenge activity.
  2. Love the subject as it is a subject that strongly interests me. I heard this news the other day. Actually, it's nothing new. I believe this has happened before, where a signal or sound from space is mistaken at first for alien life and later turns out to be something else. Anyway, what you've written is quite long and yes structurally it is a bit different. Pre-Chorus - Biding time (meaning?), keen to what? Implication from a human point of view is that someone out there is getting ready to come here and do something to us or the planet? Chorus - POV perspective sounds like the native reaction after being colonized by the Europeans. We don't know if intelligent life makes it to earth that they will come with the idea to take over. Do we? Although "human" history suggests that the lesser developed cultures usually suffer as a result of interaction and communication with more advanced civilizations, these beings may not at all be like humans. Therefore, aren't we rather limited in our own perspective based upon our own human experience? Suggestion: Verse 2 - Get rid of the fucking hippies and hard liners and if ET arrives to kill then the hippies and hardliners go first. Suggestion: Get rid of Verse 4 When alien life arrives and a public announcement is made (if that ever happens, publicly), I think most religions will face huge, huge challenges as a result. Aliens might even be looked at by some as gods. Many mindsets will be blown for a shock. Sacrifices? Intellectuals scratching their heads? Hmm. I don't know. Culture shock is more like it. I also do not see direct alien contact as being a uniting force necessarily for humanity if they have negative intentions for us but again that is just a "human" perspective based on some of the planet's history. I'd also consider starting a new chorus. Leave it to the listener perhaps to decide alien intent if any should direct contact be made in the future. Sounds more like the POV of someone stuck in medieval times here on earth waiting for the outer space armada to arrive. I think there is so much more that could be done with the subject and in a way that really gets one to think. Again, great subject. I like the outro. Aah, it's yours. Have fun.
  3. My very own genie. I love it. Now, I think the mustache on the lady (Denise Darvall) would be much more fitting if it were a milk mustache. At least then, she'd look sexy.
  4. Hmmm. I like talk like this about lyrics and a very interesting one at that. I think Ty might be on to something. Yes, my vibe and probing all lead to Africa too now. But that toothbrush mustache on the Tanzanian president has just got to go!
  5. I call it a blind date, but I think I'd be good either way.
  6. Raah (like a parrot) False Alarm. I found the answer to the first part of my question. You can send a lyric you've either copy or pasted and or typed into the compose letter space at profile page inbox, then send it to yourself and then once that's done look for the option button in gray (right side of screen). Click the option button and then drafts is one choice and whatever you sent to yourself can be saved as a draft that way if you want to. I'm sure there is an easier way, but for now I think this will do. I suppose the option to now send ourselves a message makes it easier than even having to go as far as saving as a draft.
  7. Also noticed we can now send multiple messages that are the same to more than one person. Don't think that feature existed before. Very nice!
  8. While exploring the sites latest features I discovered on one's profile page that we can now send ourselves a message, where as before we could not do this. Some might ask strangely, why would you want to send yourself a message and the only reason I did this was because for some reason I can't figure out how to save a message as a draft. Has anyone been able to do this yet since the update? It's easy to compose a message to a member one wants to contact but saving a draft of a lyric for instance you want to submit to a contest for future reference or even for something else cannot be done and or at least I am unaware of how to do that now. Any suggestions? That, and I am wondering (as I don't see it at present) if we can preview a message before posting it, viewing it first, editing and so forth before finally submitting. Looks like this feature may be gone. Any and all thoughts welcome.
  9. Charles I looked it up too after reviewing. I found something that was Nepalese, but took it a step farther. Did a langauge translation online with Chinese, Malay, Nepali, Indonesian to English and found no translation. Hmm also found something that translates from an African language but only partially. Hmm could this be African in origin? That might explain the opening verse and ending. Interested to hear the origin of the hook which is good. If it's completely made up, then I'm the horse's ass.
  10. The message is a good one but I'd like this to be less personal and more a universal. Don't know the genre you envisioned but I'd like to hear this as an anthem or (brothers n sisters) like dance song played in clubs. Good title but the way it is used is not strong in my mind. Could be more powerful. Here's an idea.... There's a pulse, pulse, pulse And it's gonna survive Let's stand together Keep love alive Or... another idea There's a pulse, pulse, pulse And it's gonna survive Support one another Together we thrive Keep or sweep - Food for thought
  11. Hello Tongue Tied I get a vague connection verse to verse that in my observation needs to be better established with a stronger, clearer connection. Verse 1 - Singer's point of view, is directing grievances to a significant other (possibly a love interest) and feels the significant other looks down on his or her point of view due to the color of his or her skin. Feels the other thinks he or she is superior. Why the problem manifests in the form of skin color is unclear and I am not even sure it matters because it is never brought up again. Verse2 - Takes a completely different turn (in my view). "Once helpless in your bed" Suggests that the significant other was ill and was hoping that the singer or POV's father would die. Ouch. That's not nice. So, why then if there are vague problems already established in the singer's mind regarding his or her love interest would he or she even donate his or her dead father's heart to someone POV has already set the mood for as being kind of heartless or at the least demeaning or unkind? I don't know much about legalities in the US or any other country for that matter on donating body parts, but unless the deceased has it written out, does a family member have the right to take or give a deceased's body parts to someone else? I only ask because the POV (point of view in lyric) says he or she ( to me meaning the POV) signed on the doted line, which again suggests to me that it was his or her choice and not that of the deceased relative. Hmm. Maybe I am making a mountain out of a mushroom. Not an issue. Just an observation. But, despite getting the singer's father's heart, the love interest is still a heartless piece of shit. " Saved you,but it never made you smart". Verse 3 - POV regurgitates the feeling of not being looked at as a person by significant other and is angry. Not sure about.... " In vain ONE-MAN was crucified". Is this about his or her father who died and now the love interest has the heart of POV's dad? ... or is there something more of a religious nature to that line? OK - So that leaves the chorus which to me despite not knowing the meaning if there is one was the easiest part to sing for me. I thought it was catchy. My gut is pretty good. Not always right but often my intuition does not fail me. So, let's find out how it did here. I immediately read and then sang those lines and thought... this is either Bahasa Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei or perhaps Chinese. If I am correct, I would then go a step further, out on a limb and say that there is more than likely no direct translation into English for your hook. If that's the case and or a long shot... the chorus was completely made up, then some English words are coming to my mind as follows for some reason..... What gives? And who are you? What gives? And who are you? I'd like to make a suggestion with that chorus which I like. It's different. If it is another language which I highly suspect it is then even if there is no direct translation, I would create some English words that are simple and the general public will understand and use that in the chorus with Waa Daa Baa Gu Lu Chu in the distant background after the English. And I would repeat the chorus at least two or three times. Something like this ... What gives and who are you? Waa Daa Baa Gu Lu Chu What gives and who are you? Waa Daa Baa Gu Lu Chu Billy Idol did something like this with a favorite of mine from the 80's called Eyes Without A Face. He sang "eyes without a face" and in the background female vocals sang the same thing "eyes without a face" but in French, " "Les yeux sans visage" . Anyway these are my thoughts. If I'm completely off regarding chorus, then feel free to burn the rest of my comments.
  12. The three links you provided are not accessible. Once clicking on each I get this ...... "Sorry, there is a problem. The page you are trying to access is not available for your account." If you're interested in collaborating the best way to do that here (in my thoughts) is to post some of your lyrics in feedback and get to know people. Critiquing lyrics and completed songs might also be a way for you to make connections but it takes time. Good Luck
  13. The words are fairly generic but I actually can envision this being sung. Sounds like something pop oriented and on the radio. I guess the only thing I'm wondering is.....who's on the vocals? I hear a female voice. Brought to mind this classic, which reminds me she's on Me TV tonight. Thanks for sharing & thanks for the reminder.
  14. How about one chorus only or at least one which utilizes the hook? Hey You know it's true, Cuz Until i'm 6 feet under I wont be over you; - 6 feet under over you - Have a line that actually utilizes the title which is good. Yes Until I'm 6 feet under - Yeah until I'm six feet under I won't be over you. Babe I won't be over you Hey you know it's true Cuz until I'm 6 feet under 6 feet under over you Yeah until I'm 6 feet under Babe I won't be over you Or....another idea Hey babe you know it's true And even when I'm 6 feet under Yeah I won't be over you Just some thoughts. Off to a good start.
  15. Yes, I went through something like this (with writing) earlier this year and with something personal that happened, that I think caused me to not write anything new for two months. Yet, despite that I did continue to write (crappy little things) meaning things I wasn't satisfied with. So, my suggestion to you Scott, is despite feeling like shit, to go with the flow. Feel it and don't resist the feeling when you're not 100 percent at what it is you're doing and or satisfied and or feel like you're pulling or tugging at yourself to do something new that's acceptable to you. Acknowledge the moment, embrace it and try and do something even if it leaves you cold or empty. Whatever it is will pass. We're like waves on the ocean and such is the creative process. Ride it, whether high or low. You'll make it through.