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  1. I'll write a perscription for the cure But first, I think I should make you sure Before you go and risk your life, You know I'm not a doctor, right?
  2. I'm fully aware of that. That's why I was asking.
  3. I'm fully aware of that. That's why I was asking.
  4. Until we become someone's wife We'll bang everybody we know So goes the average teenage girl's life Thank heaven that I'm not a ho.
  5. YOU HAVE NO IDEA The person below me is a zombie slayer
  6. I am cooler than you are These thick rim glasses make me look like a rockstar A bold attitude'll get some far But not you, 'cause I stole your car I'm just cooler than you are NEXT: Zombie uprising
  7. Last night, a vision slipped from my subconscious in the form of a dream. I could feel the warmth of the sun on my skin and the sand between my toes. There was a guitar on the sea shore, misted by the salty spray from the surf. Closer examination revealed that the instrument's g string was too sharp. Fixed that, found a shell, and that's when I found the banana hammock. Literally, a hammock made out of an old sail, full of the fruit.... Don't ask. Ever. Yeah, I took all the fun out of it.
  8. I write whenever I have an idea, no matter what time of day it is.
  9. For the hooky lyric: 100 DIFFERENT words, or 100 words total? I like the rap one and the parody one, if we get to choose.
  10. I've unofficially actually completed 50/90 before.
  11. Firepit Noun Notebook Wall Pillow (yes,
  12. A smooth and atmospheric in...equality Not funny, just REALLY badass.
  13. "Youtube Videos (music relat... Call-Me-Engell" INTERRUPTING ENGELL
  14. "Bloody Random BANNANA" by Gennargh. There's a song in the middle of the vid that she sings. NOTE: Banana is actually spelled wrong in the title.