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  1. let me know what you are looking for i`m up for a colab or two
  2. yeah I've had mine for a lonnnng time too. I think its just a case of if its not broke don't fix it . Its simple to use ,gives a great sound and its a good work horse so don't really have a reason to change it for the kind of recording i`m doing. I keep thinking about upgrading to a mk2 (which I had and sold when times were hard) or a 828 mk3 but to be totally honest I really can`t justify the cost.
  3. Well done bro . Chuffed to bits for you . It`s a great song !!! You really deserve it !! Wellll dooonnneeeee !!!!!!!! Dave x
  4. OK so i`m using : A quad core PC with 6 meg ram Motu 2408 + pci 424 card Cubase and a ton of plugins my favourite ones are the waves ones for dynamics Alesis monitor one monitors Rode NT1000 Vocal mic Ibanez gio , squire strat , tanglewood bass guitars Casio Keyboard (can`t remember modelbut I like it ) pearl export drum kit. Thats basically what I use for my music. Dave x
  5. I would say its definitely some sort of scam . I did google it and to me it all sounds very fishy