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    Beatles, Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath, Sublime, Radiohead, Nirvana, White Zombie, NIN, Sting, Coldplay, Slayer, Soundgarden, AIC, SRV, Hendrix, Queen, ELO, Bee Gees, etc etc
  1. Drats I missed this contest. i wouldn't have entered, but more to be a non contestant judge. first i missed. guess i have to mark calendars or something Nice job all!! Congrats Ryan and Steve. Truly great songs! Steve / Wendy / Alistair I connected the most with but all were very strong with a nice diversity across the board! ps: Lyd, pretty sure someone broke 8 earlier this year, just sayin
  2. Hail to the queen, Wendy! Congrats!!!! I've seen you make a few comments in the past about feeling like you don't belong in this elite group of songwriters and I felt like you really believed that. Hopefully now you will put an end to such tomfoolery! No surprise Scenes from Palacio was right there too but I'm amazed Zeligovich once again didn't score higher.
  3. Damn that is one sexy keyboard. It's so inviting. Congrats
  4. Thanks!!
  5. Congrats Sarah and Jason. Great songs! For my taste I had Alistair as my top score, really enjoyed that one.
  6. I agree Palacio. I gave her a good score and was shocked to see the numbers. it's the type of music I'd hope my grandma would play if she were a musician. Sweet and optimistic. Norman Rockwell-esque. And it would fit perfectly in the right film. Different strokes i guess
  7. Link to the song Better
  8. Wow, thanks everyone!! And for the kind words too. I had an unusually bad day so what a cool surprise. I did not think I had a solid shot to win. And by vote of other musicians you respect is a great honor. Gratzi! La ringrazio grandi musicisti! There wasn't a bad song in the lot/i gave no low number scores and the best part was the overall diversity. This contest imo would have been a great compilation cd! PS: Congrats somefellow, it was cool to co-win with a song on that level. It has everything you look for in a song and the execution of it was as brilliant as the writing. Thanks again, I'm feeling very motivated which is something I need these days
  9. Better Words/Music by Chaplin Gean long, long time ago never had to worry bout a thing lights on, but no one knows if you're home and life goes on... you know i'd love to help you out but i'm kinda stuck right now... everyone's so fragile and they don't know how Life's alright for now But when it's said and done will you be loved? Will you belong? Used to be when people felt beat down they'd light a fire To some happy sounds And they'd feel better You don't even have to lie I've been where you are now So reboot so we all can feel better --guitar melody break-- Some hold out for things they cannot be It's better chasing tails than chasing trees Break if somebody wants to play Soon you're feeling fine I don't really need to know how everything will go Just give me what i get Used to be when people felt beat down they'd light a fire To some happy sounds And they'd feel better You don't even have to lie I've been where you are now So reboot so we all can feel better --56k piano break-- I want to, heaven knows I'd love to, heaven knows It'd be so nice to be Always on Used to be when people felt beat down they'd light a fire To some happy sounds...
  10. FLEM! especially if you smoke. even if not your throat passages have been lying dormant all night and need their wakey time too sometimes someone will call and i don't want them to know I've been sleeping (like my boss) so i'll really go out of my way to bring energy into my voice and it never works. "what are you, sleepin'?" uhhhh... talking/singing, always sounds bad in the morning, just how it is
  11. Nice job musicians
  12. i wondered about this. i'm new here. i actually have multiple songs to post but didn't want to come off as a douchebag. so i'm just critiquing songs everyone now and then, but mostly lurking. seeing what the site's about. it's ok though i'm in no rush. but one day.... oh yes... one day... i will actually post my first song here! but not a moment sooner!
  13. SM7B is a great mic imo. i had an NTK1 which i didn't care for much
  14. cool song! nice voice and well sung to boot. never heard of that preamp i'm sure it's good too. i just use an ART Tube Pac (with some jj tesla tubes upgrade) which i like though i'm no gear expert. i also use a shure sm7b
  15. interesting topic most song writers i know change their motivations throughout their lives. it usually starts to get girls. skills develop, you see how your songs affect some people and the inspiration takes on a new life. life happens, breaks are taken, its a constant circle of changing motivations. i do it for passion but i'm also fighting a demon right now that wants me to not finish songs, slave over mundane details, etc. i'm on a mission to beat this demon and become a prolific, consistent song writer. i set goals. my main goal isn't to be signed, but to make an album that i myself consider an all time great album for my genre (even if the masses don't agree!) But its never work, its always a fun challenge.