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  1. Hi there all. I haven't been around for a fair while, but I have been working away on writing and promoting songs. By the way, my real name is Roy Cooper. I have set up Country Demo Radio.Its still in a state of flux, design wise. It will be primarily country demos, with some small diversions for a bit of variety. If you have any finished demo tracks for airplay, send them to me. Country, Gospel, Christian, Latin and anything you feel is good quality and the listeners on this station will enjoy. The great thing as well is that other Internet Radio stations, may pick up and play some of these tracks as well. Even if you don't have any tracks, why not pop by and have a listen. Its a whole new adventure. ------------------------------------------------------ IMPORTANT: I will need the following information with EACH track. Singers name….. Writers name ie copyright owner/s copyright year I will assume that it’s country, unless otherwise told. So if you feels it’s Gospel or Jazz please say so. That’s it folks. God Bless Roy and Helen