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    Windsor, Ontario
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    synth pop,<br />8-bit chip tunes / chip hop,<br />thrash / trash / crust punk,<br />rock,<br />industrial,<br />dark cabaret,<br />rockabilly,<br />psychobilly,<br />horrorcore and more.<br /><br />Horror/Zombie flicks, World of Warcraft, music,<br />cuddling, Necro, walks, alternative style,<br />computers, piercings, gauging, branding,<br />tattoos, honesty, trustworthiness, kindness, respect,<br />intelligence, acceptance, local music shows,<br />moths, gothic lifestyle, friendship, companionship, <br />positive vibes, writing lyrics & poetry, slasher flicks,<br />GG Allin, Albert Fish, Quentin Tarantino, Orbi,<br />Dario Argento, M. Night Shyamylan, babies,<br />Requiem For a Dream, children, Jared Leto,<br />introverse insanity, tummy rubs, pin-up girls,<br />burlesque attire, 50s female hairstyles,<br />male greaser haircuts, and more.
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