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Jodi Krangle

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  1. Alistair has done an awesome job. And I'm very glad to see that the transition has been so painless. I hope everyone has a wonderful time in their new home. I'll check in from time to time. Hugs all around, -- Jodi
  2. For a personal songwriting notebook, I'm sure it's fine. And drop by as you can! The new place will be around soon. Alistair is working hard on it. --Jodi
  3. Ah. Ok. Well, I think it's just a function of allowing html on the board. I didn't want to do that because it would allow spammers a back way in ... but it may be less of an issue now than it was before. And when you guys move to a new location and have your own board, you can do whatever you like. --Jodi
  4. I need to tell the designer to get started on it - but once she's changed it, it'll be difficult to change it *again* - so make sure that's the name you want and let me know when you're sure, ok? --Jodi
  5. Thanks, Alistair. Are you going to want the logo I'd already made for the new Muse's Muse or would you rather strike out on your own? Either is perfectly fine. Just let me know if you do or don't - and if you do, what name you settle on so I can get that changed for you. --Jodi
  6. I actually took a look around the admin when you mentioned that, Bruce ... and I just can't see a way to batch delete accounts that don't have a valid email address. When Alistair takes over the admin, maybe he can find it. He's a resourceful sort. --Jodi
  7. I'm honestly not sure how to do that, Bruce - or I likely would have done it years ago. (The number of folks who have an account has never factored in to any of my advertising, honestly. I stopped counting at about 8000. ) The problem becomes - many folks who might still be active, have let the email they originally signed on with, lapse. And those people would lose their accounts too. It can be done - especially going forward - I'm sure. I just am not aware of how on the admin side ... and I'm a little worried about what will happen to those people who just forgot to update their email address. --Jodi
  8. Mike, just so you know, SoundCloud stopped allowing embedded anything, so far as I know. Or at least, that function no longer works in Facebook ... You still have to click on a link - though it gives you a pretty picture.
  9. Thanks for stepping up, Alistair. I really appreciate it. (And I'm sure everyone here who will continue to have a place to go, appreciates it too.) As mentioned previously, I do have a reworked logo for The Muse's Muse that I'm happy to have adapted to whatever you end up calling the new place. Let me know what you decide and I can make that my final gift to the community. At the moment, a mass mail is going out to everyone who has registered to be a member here in the past. Now I know why I don't send out these mass emails very often (ie: I've done ONE since this board began). The amount of returned/undeliverable emails is staggering. :-/ --Jodi
  10. Hi Bubs. Please don't reprint anything on the main site without asking the original authors for permission first, ok? I'm planning on leaving the main sit up without updates, for as long as I can, just as is, so it's not going anywhere any time soon. But those articles were kindly passed on to this site and shouldn't just be copied and moved elsewhere without asking. Thanks for your understanding. And good to see you here! --Jodi
  11. Fab, while I'm happy to give the admin rights to whomever needs it, no, I will not delay the closing. Things have a habit of taking WAY longer than they need to. Trust me - I've been trying to update the site for 4 years now. I know how things can drag. Decisions need to be made. You have almost a full month to make it. That's not an unreasonable amount of time. FIgure out what you're going to do before the end of April. Thanks.
  12. I had already figured out a new logo for the site going forward ... that I won't be using now. But ... since I've already paid for it, I'd be willing to get the artist to modify it to match your new decided-upon name for the site. Here's what my designer had put together: There were some modifications of placement, but it all revolved around that theme. Let me know if you're interested. --Jodi
  13. Hi Bruce. I'd certainly be happy to drop by the new place on occasion. As for the reason to choose a name first, that would be so that you can have a corresponding url to put the message board on. So figuring that out sooner rather than later, seems like a good plan to me.
  14. Sorry Fab. If there is, I have no idea how to do it. I've never ever done that. --Jodi
  15. You're very welcome, Joe. It really has been a pleasure - and when it stopped being quite so MUCH of a pleasure, I figured it was time to pass the torch along to someone else - hence this discussion. I know you guys will land on your feet in a wonderful new place that you'll make happen. Thanks for offering to help, too. --Jodi