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  1. Guests should not be able to post and the settings have been fixed (not sure how they were set to enable the posting). Sorry, The Shoes, but you will need to complete your registration before you can post or reply here. Edit: The Shoes is now a member.
  2. Odd that. Invisibility is a good guess, but I don't know. Let's see if we can get any clues over time. A search shows that the board developers think it is due to people being anonymous but may change the way it works.
  3. I hadn't noticed that! And yes, I like that too. Odd thing to remove as a default. I've added something at the bottom of each topic (and to each forum) labeled "Recently Browsing", which is the best I can get, I think. I believe they update it every 3 minutes. If you hover over the name, it does tell you how long ago that user last visited. As far as "likes" in critiques, I left that out initially as there was some wariness about it. However, I think I'll enable it again and only remove it if there is a problem (which I doubt!). Thanks, David - it all helps improve things and I'm sure there are lots of important details I don't spot!
  4. Thanks to those who have already voted - one song in each competition is currently out in front, but voting is very tight! You have until next Friday to make your selections, and your vote DOES count - so please take the time to give these songs a listen. Voting is easy - just message me your top 3 songs in each contest. Open Format SOTY 1+1 SOTY Thanks! Alistair
  5. Correct. Invisibility is simply a state of mind and pretending can be quite effective. After all, you may not even be real. How can you tell? (And don't give me any of that, "Posito, ergo sum" spiel). But I really CAN'T see you unless I'm you (or me). Meaning other people can't see you. Something like Harvey - except you leave traces ...
  6. Exactly!
  7. Yes, you are invisible. Well, I can see you if I look really hard, but members can't see that you are online. You can see yourself, though.
  8. I've moved this to the appropriate forum and removed all of the other duplicate posts in other forums. Please don't cross-post like that (and, if you want to advertise your services, do it ONLY in this forum. Thanks.
  9. That probably won't work quite as well as a send - but you could get the same outcome (with fewer tracks) by adjusting the wet/dry slider (which I think GarageBand has) in terms of adjusting the amount of effect applied to the track.
  10. I can understand that Sven, but tastes will differ and we were on a very old version of the software (no longer supported) and had to make the jump at some point. This version does give us more features and I am sure everyone will get used to it quickly.
  11. A specific challenge is better, I think. By the way, I don't think I offered to do the music (I doubt I'd have time). I could be a lyricist - or could drop out and let others have a go and only come in as a substitute if another lyricist drops out. I'm easy either way.
  12. There are a whole bunch of approaches. You could do it very simply, for example, by copying the phrases you want to echo onto a new track (deleting every part on that track that you DON'T want to echo - so, just leaving the last syllable) and playing with a delay on that until you get the sound you want Or even just nudging it along the timeline a bit and playing with levels, reverb, fades, whatever (instead of a delay) and making our own echo sound. At least you have full control that way. If you don't nudge it, you may want to cut the duplicate part on the original track so you don't have two parts playing at once.
  13. I don't know what DAW you are using, but you should be able to automate the plugin. One of the switches you can automate will be the one that turns it on and off by bypassing it. Maybe have it off except for that one phrase/word? It may take some experimentation. In Reaper, you would click on the trim button to open the envelope and select "bypass" - arm it, and then adjust the envelope displayed to bypass it when it isn't wanted. Or you could simply place cuts around the phrase you want to echo and have it as an Item FX on that item.
  14. It probably depends on what the issue is. It's pretty important to get the timing right so that it fits the BPM. There are some calculators out there if it's difficult to do by ear - example: I'd use it very sparingly, and fade the echo. I'd also avoid sibilance in the echo. It is sometimes easier to record the plugin's output on to a new track and then edit the raw audio. Give an example, and it may be easier to advise
  15. I wasn't sure either - I was just copying last year's idea. Yes, I think I'll change it (nobody has voted yet, after all)