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    Pop-punk, punk, old hard rock, heavy metal, blink-182, boxcar racer, weezer, green day, metallica, dire straits, mark knopfler, oscar peterson trio, eva cassidy, the police, the clash, the sex pistols, nofx and many others...
  1. GOODBYE=HELLO Hearts Minus Sorrow ? 2006. All rights reserved.
  2. Congrats Jaymz!! (I missed that award ) It's been a great show!! Thank you Sarah and everyone involved for all your hard work!! I think I'll get some sleep now Goodnight!
  3. Good song Smile!! I enjoyed listening to it
  4. Great song Corinne!!
  5. Way to go RLD!!
  6. Congratulations Andrew and John!! Well-deserved.
  7. Congrats Sarah.
  8. Great song Marty. Very moving.
  9. Congrats Mike! Great presentation Stew
  10. Nice song just-a-singer
  11. AWARD PRESENTATION VOTED MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Even though our beloved musesmuse is an amateur Internet community, there are some talented folks around here that write and/or record songs that could be on radio just tomorrow. The quality of songs posted on Lyrics & Music forum keeps improving every month, every week and every day. Many great songwriters and musicians were nominated for this award; you're all winners in my book!! It was a close race and I'm very proud to announce that the absolute winner is... RLD!! Let's give it up for our favorite groovy dude and the most rocking-est guy ever!!
  12. Congratualations Thomas!! You really are a great asset to MM community!!
  13. Great song Guilherme!! Nice singing and guitar playing
  14. Well done Dave!
  15. Congrats RW!