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  1. Nice job to the winners!
  2. Neither, I hate Twilight. Taylor Swift or Carrie Underwood?
  3. I gotta log off guys... I'm beat up, tired, sick with strep throat, and I have to drive back to Albany... Great job everybody, and it was great to be a part of it all. Can't wait to read everything when I get back in town tomorrow!
  4. 7:25 - Award Presentation What is humor? Any kind of action that could possibly make a person laugh? You could tell a joke, perhaps, do some crazy body movements, really, there are no bounds. It appears, here, on MM, we have one hell of a raucous group of comedians and comediennes. But with so many funny people on the Muse, it's so hard to choose who just might be the funniest one... See, I like funny people. Funny people make me giggle, like a little girl. I have no soundbits, so I can't show you, but those of you who have actually spoke to me on the phone can agree that I giggle like a little girl... Some have even said a chipmonk... I can even laugh like Barney Rubble... REALLY!!! Anyways, enough about me... I guess I gotta tell you the winner! The winner is!!! FUNKDADDY - MM's Funniest Poster! *subtle golf clap* Continue being funny Mark, we love ya! P.S. Kudos to MysteryMike and Joussh as well as being runners-up!
  5. Hobes is the bomb!
  6. Damn Bubbles, you got one hell of a voice girl!
  7. Stew Ball, you're irreplaceable my friend. Keep it going man! Congratulations, and carry on...
  8. yeah, i got the cloud of smoke thing going on too...
  9. Great job guys!
  10. congrads Hobes!!! Well-deserved bro!
  11. we don't want any details when you return, ok?
  12. I have the football game on in the background... football is cool...
  13. do a little dance, make a little love, get down tonight...
  14. The CD cover is really cool... Great job guys!
  15. nobody wants to look at my cool song quotes after all of my posts? LOL...