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About Me

When I was ten my father gave me the option of a piano or a trip back to the country I was born - Africa, with him and his new wife.
In an act of defiance I chose the piano.
For a short time I took lessons but quickly grew bored with the monotony of playing scales and just wanted to make up my own songs.

As a young teenager I rigged up my own very primitive way of recording.
An empty room and two tape recorders.
I would record myself playing piano with one, then play that in the empty room (for reverb on the vocals. Ha!) and record myself singing to the piano playing on the tape. The hiss was unimaginable.
I locked myself away for hours every day playing and singing such morose TERRIBLY depressing songs.
But it was there I learned to get lost in the music and it has become my escape ever since.

In my late teens/early twenties I formed a covers band, playing eighties music. My boyfriend (now my husband) played bass. Wrote some more bad songs, formed an originals band...eventually we created a Divinyls concept band (even though they were still around back then) where I fronted the band as Chrissy Amplett.
We even had the fluro mic stand built and I spent months and months learning all her body movements, mannerisms and vocal inflections.

When I started having children we left our band days behind.
I never looked back.
Music to me has always been a companion, a therapy, a form of self expression that I need to exercise, and when I'm not I'm expressing myself in other similarly creative ways.
I have a lot to express, I guess.

I hardly ever listen to other peoples music- not for long periods at a time. I wish I could for the pure pleasure of it but it makes me antsy...makes me want to run off and reproduce a certain sound or vibe that I've heard and like, so for this reason I have very few "influences."
I do however enjoy Bjork, Loreenna Mckennitt, Tori Amos, the composer Ludovico Einaudi...anything dark, angsty, mysterious, ethereal and of course, still, the Divinyls. (Except for "I touch myself" Always disliked that song.)

I'm saddened and frustrated with the state of the "music industry" today.
It's all transparent shallow garbage if you ask me. These days music is for the eye, and not so much the ear. Least not mine.
Can't stand commercial radio.

The music I enjoy listening to MOST is what I hear on these songwriting forums. I like "real". Real people with real things to say.
I get a kick out of hearing others express themselves openly. Laying their souls out bare without conforming to a contrived formula.
I admire creativity, imagination and honesty in other peoples music, and strive to achieve that myself.

I'm not a fan of song competitions I guess because of the above.
If something is "real" and from the heart, how can it be judged? I can't do that.

Everything I write involves some kind of personal element. I just suck at writing about stuff that doesn't touch me on some level. I know people might not really "get it" but I hope at least they are intrigued by some element. I do try to make things accessible, most of the time.

I write, perform, sing, record and mix everything myself - so the good bad and the ugly is all my responsibility.
Since I am one of THE most technically challenged people on the planet (Still use cool edit.How dinosaur is that?) I amaze myself all the time that I am able to do the things I do.
I've come a long way from the days of that empty room and two cassette recorders.

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A Muse's Muse
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Sydney Australia
The intriguingly beautifully strange.
Photography,videography,writing, creating things, anything...camping,being out in nature,people watching,sitting under the full moon and pondering all of life's questions and then asking more.


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    Theresa Icon

    03 Aug 2012 - 09:40
    Missing your posts on the muse:)
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    Desertrose Icon

    29 Jun 2012 - 03:48
    Hi, and thanks Theresa. Every day is one step closer to the ocean. :) I'm looking forward to getting back to the muse and catching up on posts! Take care.
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    Theresa Icon

    26 Jun 2012 - 18:51
    Hi Tracy...hope you are doing well with your move..looking forward to your posts on the muse..Theresa
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