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My family was so poor they couldn't even afford to give me a middle name. So I chose 'J' just because it sounds good Jaaaaaa. I also like to say 7 but leon 7 harris didn't sound as good.

Started writing songs when I was 10 but didn't start playing guitar till I was 17 (told you we were poor!) Learnt about 6-7 cover songs and 20 years on I still only know 5-7 covers (lost one somewhere!) But found out early that I could play covers badly, or be the best in the world at playing my own stuff.

Since coming across ''(see: blingblam1) I've been at long last able to start recording my songs with real musical talents. Up till now I was the only musician I know. Just seem to hang around non-musical types my whole life.

So writing has always till now been a personal thing I do in the dead of night, or till the wife tells me to knock it off around 10pm.

I'm real happy to at last be able to show my wears without the embarrassment of the people listening actually knowing me and having them say "yeah, his life is pretty screwed up!"

Anyway Glad to be here and salutations to one and all

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