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  1. In Topic: The Toreodor

    Posted 28 Oct 2016

    I don't hate it. Enjoy it quite a bit, actually, 'though it does have a poser vibe that takes some getting over. I may be wrong but I think Toreador is only a word that means bullfighter in Bizet & Merimee's Carmen (the french opera about sexy crazy Spaniards). And I also think Ole' isn't very Mexican but more of a cheer used (exclusively?) in Spain and Hollywood and at football games that look like soccer.

    I especially like the notion that this brave guy might only be a figment of imagination intoxication... he did humorously consider bringing a gun to a bullfight.

    Best and more, Big Happy... Posted Image
  2. In Topic: Me time (revised with added bridge)

    Posted 27 Oct 2016

    As always, I'm enjoying one of your lyric stories. only nit involes the baby/baby bit of hmm in V1. Perhaps something like this could be worth considering:

    Lazy/Crazy to the point of ruthless
    Baby don't call me useless

    Other'n that, if even, I like it all and love the new bridge.

    Keep your keep on... Posted Image

    p.p. I really like Baby cries me a new tooth enough to enjoy getting lost on it. Is the meaning similar to Baby cut me some slack?
  3. In Topic: Fall

    Posted 26 Oct 2016

    I'm up too late for details but this made me 'ah' in awe. Brava, Tammy... Posted Image
  4. In Topic: I Hope it Rains

    Posted 26 Oct 2016

    I read this earlier, Emily, and had the same pre and chorus contradiction as Liam. But now, after enjoying a few reads more, I like that I won't dig my grave, oh, because I'm gonna drown and float away. This is so smartly, sadly and beautif'ly written. I do love the comfort of your misery, here and in "Touch Me", so I'm gonna hope this feeling is more about fiction than my autobiography.

    Oh'n I didn't ask permission, didn't have time, but I kinda read with the vibe of The Weepies song "Gotta Have You". Sorry if this akins-to blaspheme.

    Cheers in a forward looking way... Posted Image
  5. In Topic: before the end of time

    Posted 26 Oct 2016

    I've enjoyed this enough to come back and re-read on more'n a few occasions. It being Voyager specific didn't matter me much. (Cool to know, though.) I just liked the words and way you wrote this story with all it's near & outer space-y images. Very Cool!

    Cheers and more, before the end of time... Posted Image

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