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Hi Folks. Thought that we would stop by and say hallo. Helen my wife who is now in her 70s has been writing songs for over 40 years. Myself, I have been writing for about 20 years and age wise, we are very close. We both write lyrics and always collaborate with composers and singers to get the songs finished. Our songs may not always be up to date, but we are very proud of them and very honoured to call those who we have worked with, our friends.

As well as writing songs, I also make music videos, so I start the ball rolling and then come in

We have had some small successes and are still very productive (writing songs making videos collaborating).

Some of our songs were recorded before computers or music software was available to the masses and we make no excuse for some of our songs being musically dated
We hope that you enjoy what we have done and if even for a minute our songs/videos make you think, then they have done what we intended.
Helen and Roy

Thanks for stopping by Helen and Roy

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