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I found my way into songwriting when I met Chris Daughtry and Brian Craddock last year... since then I took about 8 months to get the courage to want to write a song... I have a lot of influences from anywhere from Daughtry to Rob Thomas to even country... I spend all my spare time writing songs and I am looking for my best path into the music business after high school which is very soon....
I also play guitar, and drums.... also honorable mentions trombone and tuba.... though i havent picked them up for a while... I like for the lyrics to mean something and the music to make them better not the other way around... I also split from a band about 6 months ago.... I write songs to write good songs and yes it would be great if i get a song recorded by a major artist one day but if I dont I dont.... I like to improve my songwriting skills more than i like to write so if somethings horrible come right out and tell me... I might get mad but I'll get over it in 30 seconds... sometimes tears are better than joy
Lyrics mean everything
While music means something

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26 years old
May 17, 1990
between hell and amazing grace

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