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S.A.G Publishing is the home of composer Prodigal Son. His first release titled "Old Masters Revisited vol.1" created a natural bridge between the old masters such as Mozart, Beethoven,Chapin with modern composers such as Prodigal and the long list of composers living today. Prodigal re-arrangements of many of the masters classic was considered by S.A.G Publishing at the time to be a controversial move but as it turned out was very will recieved by today's classical leaders. "Lyricist Blueprnts Vol.1" is Prodigal Son lastest release and this CD which covers a wide range of musical genres was created with all songwriter/lyricist in mind. Its melody rich drives offers even first time songwriters key bridges to compose lyrical medolies without have to reach deeply into mental archieves to retrieve a sound. "Lyricist Blueprints Vol.1" takes the songwriter/lyricist all all genres of music and does not limit the creative scope. Look forward to many more interesting works to come out of this union of company and composers.

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Muse In Training
45 years old
January 17, 1971
Hong Kong
I am first and far most a music composer, having produced music for major global companies to drive branding and for coroperate events, mercedes benz, Montblanc, Zzegna,Tommy wears, Armani just to name a few. I have also worked with some commercially successful artist across many Countries. I am always looking for new songwriters and lyricist to work with and hopefully someday develop a full network of both lyricist and composers to deliver efficiency to this industry regarding virtual collaboration.

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