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2005/6 Theater of the Muse - (Classic Moments in Muse History)

"You will notice that landofsong has now been officially deleted and banned." - Jodi Krangle 2006

[This message was actually offensive and hurtful enough to be deleted by Jodi Krangle] - 2006

"Dude, get off your knees and wipe your chin..." - MysteryMike 2005

"I happen to own my own personal Fabkebab at I'm really glad I do! Usually I leave it at home, but there are occasions when I feel it's appropriate to take along with me when I go to work. Usually when I want to suck up to the boss." - Hobes 2005

"...the only thing that i think needs work is your punctuation -it's *very* random. most of your ideas are complete but they're disconnected because you don't seem to know where to place a period." - SatanInventedBras 2005

"...until then...shut your mouth, you fu**ing disrespectful twat." - Stewart Alexander 2005

"Instead of being such candy asses, why don't you high tail it to the L&M Contest and listen to the songs and then send me your scores..." - Jaymz 2005

"Is this the lyric that is supposed to demonstrate your songwriting prowess? I'm sorry bud, but if this is your best effort I'll have to put you in the catagory of writers who are so bad they don't know they're bad." - Neal K 2005

"Somethin' seems fishy.... Smile was after Neal's moderating job for some time... and now Neal all of a sudden needs to "disappear" for awhile... Sharon, what are you doin' with that gun in yer hand?" - MysteryMike 2005

Just a few of Silky?s Favorites from 2004.

?There is no right way to write lyrics, but there are an infinite number of ways to do it wrong.? ? Stateside 2004

?Those who don't laugh at themselves just leave the f@cking job to someone else.? ? Willyblues 2004

?and on a side note...the only thing better than real sex Posted Image? ? smile 2004

"...geeze if we can't poke a bit of fun at you think that maybe we (including me) are taking ourselves a bit too seriously?" - SilkyTofu 2004

?You've gotten a LOT of chances around here. But I have to tell you that one more thoughtlessly cruel remark and you'll be banned.? Jodi Krangle 2004

"You inaccurate insulting fu**......" - Stewart Alexander 2004

Just a few of Silky?s Favorites from 2003:

"**** you Silky! Stop being such a dumbass and bastard to everyone. You crazy ass mother ****er!" Kalie (KLOVE) 2003

?This kind of crap pisses me off.? John Scott 2003

?if you thought that Romeo and Juliet was too descriptive, your on crack....? Casper 2003

This one is the BOMB: ?You are hereby suspended. Indefinitely.? Jodi Krangle 2003

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The Almighty Silky Muse
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